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4-Pole Accessory Kit

4-Pole Accessory Kit

4-Pole Accessory Kit


**Note – This product is NOT an Ultimate Plant Cage. It is 4 poles plus hardware for your Ultimate Plant Cage.

Purchased an Ultimate Plant Cage from a store or somewhere else online and only received a 4 pole unit? You can now have the full and complete Ultimate Plant Cage you’ve been searching for by purchasing the 4-pole Accessory Kit.


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Product Description

Only have 4 poles with the Ultimate Plant Cage you recently purchased? Need more poles and knuckles?

You’ve come to the right place!

The reason why there are 4 pole unit Ultimate Plant Cages out there is because we were trying to make this product less expensive for the end user when we started out company back in 2010. This article explains more about this issue.

Some people don’t want or need 6 poles and we figured they wouldn’t want to buy a product that had more poles then they needed. We thought those who wanted more poles could just purchase an added on 4 pole accessory kit.

Since that time we have decided to sell full 6 pole units no matter what. This is because we were able to lower our costs on the Ultimate Plant Cage which also made it more feasible to the end user.

So if you’ve come here looking for more poles, your in luck! Click add to cart and you can have the full and complete Ultimate Plant Cage you’ve been searching for.

Made in USA.

Additional Information

Weight 0.48 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 3 x 1 in
Package Contains:

4 – 18″ Outer Poles, 4 – 14″ Inner Poles, 4 – Knuckles, 4 – Hex bolts, 4 – Wing nuts, 4 – Pole Caps,

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