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Meet the 'Ultimate' Tomato Cage


Do you find the wire tomato cages at the garden center are too wimpy to support your tomato plants? Tired of replacing bamboo stakes every couple of years? Check out the Ultimate Plant Cage. This just might be the most extreme tomato cage to ever hit the market ... 

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Ultimate Plant Clips: Product Review

Gardening Products Review

Have you ever tried to tie up tomato plants with heavy tomatoes, dahlias with huge flowers, or vines growing out of control? Like most gardeners, you probably used garden twine, or maybe tape or hook-and-loop ties. You carefully cut it to length, held the plant in place with one hand, and with the other hand you… well, you quickly realized that one hand was not enough! Tying up larger plants or stems was not a one-handed job – until the Ultimate Plant Clip came along.

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Global Garden Friends Launches Innovative Line of Garden Tools ...


Global Garden Friends has recently launched two new products for indoor and outdoor gardeners. The Ultimate Plant Cage and Ultimate Plant Clips are two of the innovative products which are perfect for gardeners that are getting prepared for the spring season.

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Garden Product Review: Plant Stakes and Clips from Global Garden Friends

Improve Your Home And Garden

I get asked to do a lot of testing and write reviews for gardening products. And through the years I have discovered some really great tools that I cannot live without.

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Support Your Plants with the Ultimate Plant Cage (Review)

All Natural Katie

I tend to have two experiences with plants: they wilt and die or they grow like crazy and I have to support them. I have always had difficulties finding the right support structure for my plants. When I discovered Global Garden Friends' Ultimate Plant Cage, I knew that this was the right solution for my problem. Not only does the Ultimate Plant Cage provide the right fully-adjustable support, but the Ultimate Plant Clips allow me to easily gather and secure foliage and vines.

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GIVEAWAY: Global Garden Friends

Urban Homestead

We all have issues with plants that flop and sprawl;  collapsing under the weight of fruits or even from its own vines.  So how do you create order  out of the chaos that is your garden?  Global Garden Friends is a company dedicated to providing solutions with different kinds of plant support to open the center up, support flowers or fruit that are sloppy and unruly and give you a garden that’s organized and pleasing to the eye.  Who doesn't want that?  In addition, a properly supported plant is a happy plant!

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Ultimate Plant Cage Product Review

Growing Your Greens

Ride along with host John Kohler while he reviews the Ultimate Plant Cage at the Maximum Yield Indoor Garden Expo in July 2011.

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Global Garden Friends {Review + Giveaway}

Nature's Norture

Our vegetable garden is just starting to bare some bright, colorful fruits and veggies. Back in June, when we went down to Florida to visit family for a few weeks, we left our garden in its infancy, and returned to what looked like a mini-jungle!

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Global Garden Friends (Product review)

Our Safe Haven

I was excited when Global Garden Friends contacted me about reviewing some of their products. They are a fairly new gardening and hydroponics company located in Santa Rosa, California.
Gardening is one of my favorite past times. I also love gardening tools and gadgets. I have quite a few in my garage.

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Global Garden Friends

Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm

The kind people of Global Garden Friends just sent me some fun garden products to play with. And oh boy, did I play.

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Global Garden Friends Ultimate Plant Cage Review

A Lucky Ladybug

If you've ever grown tomatoes (even cherry tomatoes) you know how hardy of a plant they are.  But at the same time they can break so easily once the tomatoes begin to grow.  If they don't break they bend and form strange shapes and can look unhealthy.  The same can happen with any type of vine plant such as cucumbers, or beans.  I honestly hate growing some of these vegetables because of how hard they are to keep looking good and even alive once they get the real heavy growths.  I recently posted a quick blurb about Global Garden Friends as I was waiting on the delivery of their Ultimate Plant Cage.

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