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Guide to Vegetable Garden Pests: Identification and Natural Control Tips

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 24, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

For people who have vegetable gardens, pests are an unavoidable nuisance that needs to be dealt with as possible. Fighting with these insects can be stressful and draining, especially if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Knowing your enemy is half the battle, and in that light, we want to acquaint you with some of the most common garden pests, as well as with reliable strategies to eliminate them in a natural fashion, so let’s start from the very top. Cabbage worms As the name implies, cabbage worms mainly attack cabbages, as well as similar plants from the same family, such as Read more [...]

The Best Mulching Blades for Lawn Mowers in 2021

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 22, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

 Are mulching blades good for grass? What are the best mulch blades in 2021? Many lawn care enthusiasts swear by these tools and say they help create a better-looking lawn. So, let’s find out more about top-rated mulching blades! Having a good-looking lawn is a dream of every gardener. All you need is high-quality garden equipment and you are good to go! Mulching blades are among the most efficient tools that help create a healthy and beautiful lawn. So, what are mulching blades? These blades are used to cut finer grass clippings to decompose back into the grass. That's how mulching blades Read more [...]

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Your Next Family Gathering

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 21, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

Preparing meals and sending out invitations are just part of the challenges associated with a family gathering in the backyard. You need to make the outdoor setting as comfortable for guests as possible, and the tips mentioned below can help you do just that. After all, your garden gathering should be something the family enjoys instead of an unkempt and unorganized space they dread. Thorough Cleaning Power washing your patio and various hard surfaces can give your garden more appeal and make it a perfect setting for a family gathering. While cleaning, it is best to check for mildew, fungus, Read more [...]

Fencing Your Yard Soon? How to Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any Steps

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 9, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

The purpose of a fence is to mark the boundaries of your property; it also provides security and privacy to your home. A fence lets you make the yard appear like a natural extension of the home and be a stylish way to showcase your garden or landscaping. When planning to fence your yard for the first time, follow these steps to complete the job successfully. Identify Your Property Line Beforehand Identifying your property line is an important step to take before the actual fence installation. This is an essential step as it removes the guesswork when installing your fence. Erecting a fence Read more [...]

How to Make Your Yard Look Good All Year Round

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 6, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

Dreaming of the perfect yard? Here's the scoop on how to make your yard look good all year round. Stay active with your lawn for all seasons no matter your location. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter, all seasons can benefit you when regarding your lawn. Some people experience harsher or milder seasons based on their locations; no matter the destination, everyone can work towards achieving that gorgeous yard all year long. Spring When spring rolls around, going crazy with a rake over the dead leaves and grass instantly gives your lawn a breath of fresh air, literally. This helps to circulate Read more [...]

How to Best Lay Out Your Yard or Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 2, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

Make the most of your outdoor areas to enjoy nature's beauties this summer. Enhancing your green space may increase your home's value by ten percent or more. It depends on the size, layout, and designs that you incorporate. Hardscapes You might want to start by considering the addition of hardscapes. Laying a new patio floor or a covered dining area under a pergola extends the living space of your home for outdoor use in nice weather. Stone or brick walkways should be kept well maintained by repairing uneven, chipping, or wobbly sections. Contact a concrete services expert for an inspection Read more [...]

Front Yard Fantastic: How to Impress the Neighborhood With Your Landscaping

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 1, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

So you’ve just moved into your dream home? Congratulations. Now it’s time to get to work and transform your home into the envy of the neighborhood. There are plenty of landscaping ideas that you can get either from professionals or your creativity. If you’re wondering how you can make your home the talk of the town, then take a look at these landscaping ideas. Glam Your Walkway Do you want to welcome visitors to your home in style? Transform that simple walkway into a masterpiece. You can use slabs, stones, or anything of your choice to create your favorite walkway design. Don’t forget Read more [...]

5 Outdoor Home Improvement Projects to Do this Summer

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 30, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

With summer nearly here, there are many outdoor projects that you should get ready to do to ensure that your home is ready for the summer and looking good. The more improvements you make to your home, the more value than it is worth. 1. Pressure Wash Over the winter, dirt, mold, and mildew may get onto the siding of your house, deck, and your outbuildings. Get out your pressure washer and wash your home well. Ensure that you use a bleach solution or other cleansing solution for those areas that do not want to come clean. You can also do your driveway if you have a paved driveway. The more Read more [...]

How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Looking Beautiful This Summer

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 25, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

A well-maintain lawn can do wonders to enhance the curb appeal and external appearance of any property. From routine mowing and landscape upkeep to more ambitious gardening projects, there are plenty of ways to ensure your yard and garden can look their best, throughout the summer and beyond. Watering and Irrigation The summer heat can quickly create a very thirsty lawn and homeowners who expect their existing watering habits to be sufficient could be in for a rude surprise. Ample watering and sufficient irrigation are essential for ensuring your lawn or garden remains lush, healthy, and Read more [...]

The World of Wood: How Lumber Can Make Your Property Look Great From the Inside Out

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 21, 2021 in Press | 0 comments

Home is so much more in 2021 than it used to be. It’s an office, playroom, movie theater, restaurant, sanctuary, and a fortress of solitude in the age of socially distanced video calls and remote hangouts. As more and more Americans spend a lot more time in their houses, they have begun to dream about how to turn their homes into castles, all on a pandemic budget. Reclaimed Wood Origins Combined with a heightened awareness about responsibly sourced and produced products, American shoppers have embraced the trend of using reclaimed wood in their home improvement projects. Wood is a fantastic Read more [...]
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