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Garden of Growth: How Decor and Accents Help Add Character

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 6, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

A home’s outdoor garden can add a delightful touch to the property’s character. There are many ways to coordinate garden décor with the home’s structural design and style. Here are some popular options to consider when orchestrating a lovely garden to accent your lawn and patio areas. Rustic For log cabins, hunting cottages, and farmhouses, a simple, natural approach to garden accents will complement rather than compete with the house and correlated outbuildings. Cultivated grasses like lemongrass, wildflowers, ferns, and natural stones or rocks can add basic charm to a garden that Read more [...]

From Gardening to Cooking to Entertaining: How to Make Your Patio a More Useful Space

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 23, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

There are certain parts of a home that become a kind of meeting place. One of these is the patio. It's certainly a place to enjoy with family and friends for parties, barbecues, or simply an al fresco meal. It's also a great place to relax on your time off. However, are you getting the most you can out of your patio? If your patio seems to be going unused, here are some ideas that can make it a much more lively and useful space. Install a Fire Pit One choice you should consider is installing a fire pit. This will allow you to keep enjoying your backyard even after it's gotten dark. It will Read more [...]

4 Landscaping Projects You Can Try on Your Own This Summer

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 21, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

Are you interested in taking on a new DIY landscaping project this summer? Here are four landscaping project ideas to get your creative mind moving along. Add Edging If you’re tired of your grass spilling into your garden areas, then consider installing hard edging. Be careful about buying flexible plastic edging material, however. It looks amateurish and cheap. Buy aluminum, steel or fiberglass edging instead. It’s more rigid and will last longer. Here are a few quick tips for your edging project: Use a hose to lay out your pattern Mark the pattern of the hose with powdered Read more [...]

4 Tips for Making an Arbor in Your Backyard

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 13, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

There is nothing like an arbor to add character to your backyard. It is a gorgeous structure that is perfect for an entrance and special events. This charming piece can also increase your property value if you are planning to resell your home. If you love a good DIY project, here are four tips for building an arbor in your backyard. Plan Your Arbor Start by planning your arbor so you know what steps you need to take to build it. Are you looking to add height to your exterior? Do you want to add plants to enhance your backyard? It is easier to build your arbor when you plan it out in advance. Read more [...]

Creating a Garden Path at Home? 4 Materials to Consider

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 7, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

A garden path is an easy to construct outdoor feature that can add beauty and value to your home’s outdoor spaces. If you’re getting ready to build one, it’s important to select the right material to make your path look its best. Here are four of the best garden path materials you should consider to make your new landscaping feature stand out. Stone For a rustic look, it’s hard to beat real stone as a paving material. Flat flagstones arranged into a walking path will create an irregular and completely unique walkway in your garden. Stone is also one of the most durable materials you Read more [...]

3 Innovative Ways to Use Solar Power in Your Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 6, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

Are you ready to do some serious gardening? One of the best things that you can do to ensure success in this activity is to make use of solar panels. These handy gadgets derive their power straight from the sun. Using them will save you a great deal of time, energy, and money. Here are 3 of the very best ways to do so.   You Can Use Solar Lighting for Your Garden Solar lighting has become the most common and popular way to make use of solar panels for the purpose of improving your garden. After seeing the instant improvement these wonderful gadgets can make, it's not hard to understand Read more [...]

4 Tips for Decorating Your Front Yard on a Budget

Posted by Global Garden Friends on May 31, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

As a responsible homeowner, you strive to keep your home in good repair and your grounds looking neat and attractive. But a little extra attention can help to make your property look inviting and well maintained. Here are 4 tips for decorating your yard that can be done inexpensively, but still provide a big impact for the look of your home. Freshen Up Your Landscape Plants If your home was built many years ago, you may still have landscape plants that are now looking a bit tired and dated. Foundation plants may be in an older style. Shrubbery may evoke an earlier age and may be hard to maintain. Read more [...]

How to Keep Your Landscape Green in a Dry Summer

Posted by Global Garden Friends on May 23, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

Are you having trouble keeping your landscape green during a particularly dry summer? Fear not because there are quite a few things you can do to give yourself a lush, green lawn. These handy tips can help you keep your property healthy during even the hottest, driest summer season. Know When and When Not to Water One of the most important details for keeping your lawn healthy and green is to know when and when not to water. It's always best to water your property in the morning. Doing so will allow your soil to absorb all of the water in an efficient fashion. So why can't you wait until Read more [...]

5 Unique Pieces of Equipment for Any Backyard Garden Project

Posted by Global Garden Friends on May 22, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

A good garden project starts with having the right equipment. It’s similar to planning any other remodeling project because you need to know about the best materials, costs, and contractors. Here are 5 unique pieces of equipment to consider using for your next garden project. Pruning Saw A pruning saw is a large, curved saw that prunes tree branches and roots. Some people use garden shears to remove different parts of plants. Saws are recommended for use on trees that have much bigger, thicker branches and roots to cut off. Twist Tiller A twist tiller is used to dig into the soil and Read more [...]

Keep Summer’s Common Garden Pests Far Away From Your Yard

Posted by Global Garden Friends on May 10, 2020 in Press | 0 comments

You may end up with a lot of pests in your garden this summer. Many of them are known to be a nuisance, and they often seem to show up out of nowhere. Worse, some can be dangerous or make you sick with venomous bites. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep this summer's most common garden pests far away from your yard. Trim Shrubbery Your shrubbery may be attracting pests to your garden. It's not uncommon for them to like to hide in dense foliage where they can't be seen. This is why you need to trim back your shrubbery, particularly near the garden itself. By trimming it just a bit, you Read more [...]
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