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4 Permanent Ways to Make Your Garden Area More Magical

Your garden is lovely, and you put a lot of hard work into it to make it as pretty as it is. It’s where you go to relax and to entertain your friends. Some plants offer flowers for arrangements, others offer fruit and vegetables to eat. But what if you could make your garden even more magical?

4 Permanent Ways to Make Your Garden Area More Magical

Here are four ideas to consider:

Water Feature

Your water feature can be as simple as an urn fitted with a bubbler or large as a pond that covers a couple of acres. Most people go for something more modest. Some construct a much smaller pond and fill it with koi and aquatic plants such as water lilies. Some homeowners build a water feature with several levels that allow for a waterfall or even a stream that meanders at the edge of the garden. Other types of water features include rain curtains and water walls. Another magical but inexpensive and simple water feature is a birdbath. It not only attracts all sorts of birds but supports them as well. Birdbaths attract even more birds if the water is in motion.

Dramatic Lighting

Lighting not only makes it magical but makes it a place you, your family and your guests can visit at night. Though you used to have to depend on an electrician to install outdoor lighting, nowadays a lot of it can be done yourself. You can use outdoor lights to add such dramatic touches as silhouetting, modeling, highlighting or grazing. Lights can throw interesting shadows or imitate the soft glow of the moon. You can also add lights, whether white or colored, to water features such as rain curtains.

Ready Mix Concrete

If you want to add hardscaping to your garden such as a walkway or a patio, ready mix concrete is an option. Ready mix concrete is concrete that’s already been prepared by the contractor and is ready to pour when it arrives in your garden. Some companies, such as Diamondback Redi-Mix, know that this lets the contractor make a batch of concrete that’s specific for your particular project. Ready mix concrete can be mixed in the truck while it’s heading to your place or shrink-mixed, where part of it is mixed at the plant, and the rest mixed in the truck in transit.

A Pergola

A pergola is a type of horizontal frame that’s supported on columns. It often extends from the side of your house though it can be free-standing. It is a roomy structure that can be made of wood, metal, or masonry and is ideal for outdoor dining and supporting vining or climbing plants. This means everything from beautiful wisteria to clematis to tomatoes and squash vines.

These are a few of the ideas you can use to make your garden a magic kingdom. The good news is that they do not need to be very expensive, and if installed correctly, they can last for decades. They may even add value to your home when you get ready to sell.


Author Bio: Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University, and now writes articles about health, business, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can follow her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.



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