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Areas of Your Yard That May Need Professional Help

For the most part, maintaining your yard is something you can do yourself. In some cases, though, it makes sense to bring a professional in to ensure that important jobs are done right. Here are four areas of your yard care regimen that may require professional help from time to time.

Areas of Your Lawn That May Need Professional Help

Irrigation Systems

If you have a built-in sprinkler system for your grass or a watering system for garden beds, it’s usually best to let a professional maintain it. Professional installation and maintenance will help you make sure that your watering system is working properly. This is also a good way to avoid leaky connections that could damage your yard and add to your water bill.


Most of the time, trees essentially take care of themselves with little to no human intervention required. Once in a while, though, you’ll need to have one trimmed, cut down, or treated for diseases. When faced with these projects, it’s always a good idea to bring in a residential tree care service. Hiring a pro will make sure the job is done properly and safely.

Pest Control

While the odd anthill can be dealt with by any homeowner, larger insect colonies are best left to pest control professionals. Large colonies of ants, yellow jackets, or other insects can damage your lawn or even present a risk to your family and pets. If you have a serious insect problem, a pest control service will have the chemicals, equipment, and know-how needed to get rid of the infestation quickly. Afterward, you can have the same service do preventative pest control to make sure the same problems don’t come up again.


Landscaping is one of the tasks that you can do yourself but might want to leave to a professional. If you love arranging garden beds, placing plants, and building paved walkways, there’s no reason you can’t take on the landscaping work in your yard yourself. With that said, many homeowners find these tasks tedious and difficult. If you want the look of a well-landscaped yard without having to put in the sweat to do it yourself, hiring a pro is the best solution. Professional landscapers will make your yard look great without you having to lift a finger.

As you can see, proper yard care is a delicate balance between DIY-friendly projects and tasks that require professional expertise. By bringing in professionals when necessary, you can make sure your yard stays in optimal condition all year long.


Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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