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4 Patio Design Ideas for Your Backyard and Garden

For optimum summer fun at home in nice weather, make the most of your yard to suit your taste and outdoor enjoyment. Here are four ideas to consider when preparing for outside family fun in your yard and garden.

4 Patio Design Ideas for Your Backyard and Garden

Build a Deck

A wood deck offers plenty of space for relaxing and enjoying sunny days. You can sunbathe, play with the pets, or take the kids outdoors for fun fresh air and sunshine. A covered deck provides protective shade on hot days or when you want to sit outdoors and listen to the rain without getting wet. You may want to add steps to your deck that lead into the yard or driveway to serve as another entrance into the house or facilitate access to outside fun.

Create a Cottage Garden

A cottage-size garden can add a fantasy aura to your lawn. Orchestrate seasonal blooms so that as the Spring flowers fade, the summer blossoms will appear, creating beautiful, sweet-smelling flowers throughout the growing season. Small accent shrubs and climbing vines will enhance the enchanting aspect of your cottage garden. To fully enjoy and walk among the flowers, think about installing pavers for an attractive walkway that will reinforce the charm of your garden.

Use Paver Stones

Summer is perfect for leisure time on the patio or strolls across your yard. With numerous patterns, styles, and colors to choose from, shop for pavers to lay a beautiful patio floor for grilling or leisure time. Looking into pavers installation is also a great way to etch your garden or to create a beckoning path through the yard for smooth walking and a focal accent. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit any design plan you have in mind.

Arrange a Nature Observation Space

Set up your backyard as a nature observatory for enjoyment and learning purposes. Install nearby bird feeders or bird baths along with a birdhouse to attract your favorite feathered friends. Plant a couple of butterfly bushes for color and enjoyment as the winged beauties gather in your yard. Furnish your patio with comfortable seating or floor rugs to await the arrival of nature’s creatures. You can add a telescope to view the nighttime stars. Potted plants or dwarf trees offer accent points of interest, scent, and color to make your natural haven even more special.

Give your backyard and garden a new look with added features this year. You and family or friends will want to spend even more time outdoors to enjoy your home’s surroundings.


Author Bio: Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University, and now writes articles about health, business, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can follow her on Twitter @anitaginsburg.


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