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How to Keep Your Irrigation System in Working Order

The average homeowner expects their irrigation system to work flawlessly for years, if not decades. Nevertheless, just like every other piece of machinery, irrigation system maintenance will be required at some point. Keep your watering system in great shape, and it will reward you with years of effective watering that saves water and money. Here are some useful irrigation system maintenance tips.

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Regularly Check-up the System

Examine your irrigation system a couple of times every season. The first inspection should be performed at the beginning of the season as you prepare to switch on the watering system. The second inspection should take place at the midway point of the season. However, if possible, inspect your irrigation system once a month. Examine the controller to confirm it is securely hooked in and operational. Change the time and date. Change the backup battery. Check that all of the cables and sensors are correctly attached. Change the timetable to meet the demands of the present season and the state of your landscape. Lastly, switch on each zone individually to inspect the system for damage.

Take Care of the Sprinkler Heads

Don’t presume that the sprinkler heads on the watering system are in excellent working order. As time passes, the likelihood of sprinkler heads failing or sinking grows considerably. Lawnmowers, moving soil, poor installation, and ordinary tear and wear can cause damage to these heads. To maintain your irrigation system, replace any broken or missing heads before watering. Sprinkler heads should be installed on a swinging pipe so that they may “float” inside the soil and be less vulnerable to damage.

Flush The System

Make sure to wash the system before the season begins. To avoid blockage, the irrigation system’s starting point should be flushed. Otherwise, the material would invariably jam the watering system’s nozzles. Even normal wear and tear, as well as a polluted water source, might block the nozzles. Apart from washing the system, you must also put screens on every sprinkler head, improve system filtration, and repair any blocked nozzles.

Examine and Repair Spray Head Leaks

Debris and grime progressively erode away at the wiper’s seal over time. As a result, one or more leaks near the upper area of the spray tip are common. If the spray tip is made up of a single unit, the complete head must be replaced. Certain kinds of spray tips may be easily removed and replaced.

Replacement sprinkler heads, freeze/rain detectors, stainless steel valves, and other watering system supplies are available from Direct Material. Call us today if you need assistance locating the correct part to fix your sprinkler.


Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.



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