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Sick Plant Baby? Here Are 3 Diagnoses and Remedies

Taking care of your sick plant baby is not supposed to be challenging, but there are days when you will feel at a loss. Not having solutions to the issue can leave you devastated because your plant keeps dying no matter what you do. Often, the problem your plant has is because you missed out on something, or it is a condition that can be fixed. Despite all this, there is still hope for you. The first thing you need to do is figure out what the issue is then you can get on to treating it. Here are the common diagnoses and their treatment plans.

Sick Plant Baby_ Here Are 3 Diagnoses and Remedies

Photo from Pexels

Moldy Plants

Mold is one of the common issues with houseplants. The reason behind this is, as a new houseplant owner, you might not know how much water your plant needs. Many times, you end up overwatering it, and that is what develops the molds. Just like house molds, plant molds also make the house feel stuffy. One of the signs of plant mold is a white substance on the plant’s stems. The rest of the plant will appear okay at first before the mold spreads further. The next thing you will notice is the branches start wilting. At this point, if you do not do something, you might lose your entire plant.

To help you deal with this:

  1. Take your plant outside.
  2. Ensure that the soil is not moldy, and if it is, you should replace it. You might also have to cut off some of the leaves and stems that have been greatly affected.
  3. Use a wet paper towel to wipe the whitish residue from the plant so it can breathe again.

To ensure the plant does not get mold again, you can use 35 food grade hydrogen peroxide on it. Spray it once a day until the mold disappears. You should also ensure that you only water the plant when necessary. Excessive watering of plants can lead to them getting mold again.


One of the common houseplant pests has to be mealybugs. Many people have no idea about them and only notice the whitish cotton-like substance left behind when the pests have been on a plant. Aside from the white residue left behind, mealybugs damage your plants in the long run. The mealybugs slowly drain your plant of life, and before you know it, you have a dying plant that cannot be salvaged.

The first thing you need to do is detect the problem and deal with it earlier on. If you notice the whitish residue on your plant, you need to deal with it immediately. At the beginning stages, all you have to do is scrape off the residue. Use a mixture of one part alcohol to three parts water and some dish soap with no bleach, spray this on the plant, and repeat after a couple of days. If you realize the mealybugs have spread, you might need to adopt a more aggressive approach and get pesticides that will clear the bugs immediately. Do not let the infected plant near the other plants unless you are sure it has no more bugs.

Plant Not Blooming

Another problem with a houseplant is not growing or growing towards a certain direction in the room. Often, you find that the leaves only lean to one side of the room and at other times, some of the leaves look burnt. When you realize this, your plant either is getting no light or is getting too much sunlight. If you notice this, then it means that you need to pay attention to the sunlight concerning your plant.

If you notice your plant leaning one way, put it near the window, and it will flourish. On the other hand, wilted leaves show that it is getting too much sun, so you might need to take it somewhere slightly darker. With sunlight, it is all about balance.


Having a sick plant can be devastating, especially if you are a new plant owner. However, with the pointers above, you realize there is no need to worry. You can take care of your plant and bring it back to life and health with just a few things.


Author Bio:  Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. She’s passionate about writing, reading, and learning. When she’s not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.

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