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4 Ways to Spice Up Your Garden

Regardless of whether you have a small garden or a large one, you can do different things to make it more interesting and unique to you. Your garden will not only look better, but you can also get more out of it. You can take the following steps to spice up your garden.

4 Ways to Spice Up Your Garden

Spring Clean Your Garden

One of the first steps to garden maintenance is cleaning it up. That includes weeding, raking away dead leaves, and generally removing any trash or detritus that may be laying around. You can rejuvenate your garden by using organic matter as fertilizer, as long as it’s not the weeds you just pulled. When getting rid of the weeds you just pulled there are a few options: you can simply throw them away, you can add them to a hot compost where they’ll cook, which will kill the seeds, or you can leave them in the sun to dry out. Just so long as the seeds are either killed or otherwise don’t have a chance to spread and survive.

Fix Up the Fence

If your fence isn’t in good shape, then now is the time for you to fix it up. Whether that means a paint job or repairing panels, fixing up your fence will make your garden instantly look better. In addition to fixing the damaged parts of your fence, you should clean the fence.

After the fence is repaired or the fresh paint has dried, you can look into decorating as another way to add some touches of personality to your garden. You can look for fence ornaments to hang from the panels or really any nearby vertical surface. You could also go back and add details to your fence’s paint job, such as designs you like.

Install Pavers

You can spice up your garden by installing pavers around it. Pavers can provide a walkway so people know where to walk. Otherwise, if you have a wide enough area installed you can create an area for people to sit around to enjoy the garden. Different types of pavers can also give your garden a unique look. Overall, pavers can make your garden more inviting.

Keep in mind that pavers installation can be difficult. That is why it is a good idea for you to hire a professional to do it.

Add Mulch to Your Garden Bed

There are several reasons that you should consider adding mulch to your garden bed. It can add curb appeal. You can even get colored mulch that matches the colors of your garden, like the flowers or whatever decorations you might have around it.

Mulch also helps improve the health of your garden. For example, if you put mulch over the soil, then it will act as an insulator. This will help the plants stay cool in the summertime. It will also keep them warm in the winter time.

Furthermore, mulch can help conserve moisture. You won’t have to water your garden as much. It helps conserve moisture by slowing down water evaporation. This will allow more moisture to stay in the soil.

Spicing up your garden will allow you to enjoy it more. You can start spicing it up by cleaning it up. You should also fix up the fence that is around the garden. Installing pavers is something else that you can do in order to spice up your garden. Furthermore, it is a good idea for you to add mulch to your garden bed.

Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.


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