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The Best Mulching Blades for Lawn Mowers in 2021

 Are mulching blades good for grass? What are the best mulch blades in 2021? Many lawn care enthusiasts swear by these tools and say they help create a better-looking lawn. So, let’s find out more about top-rated mulching blades!

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Having a good-looking lawn is a dream of every gardener. All you need is high-quality garden equipment and you are good to go! Mulching blades are among the most efficient tools that help create a healthy and beautiful lawn. So, what are mulching blades? These blades are used to cut finer grass clippings to decompose back into the grass. That’s how mulching blades work.

Starting with a general query, are mulching blades good for grass? What are their pros and cons? Which are the best mulch blades? You will get to know everything by the end of this blog. Keep reading!

Mulching Blades Pros and Cons

Like any other piece of equipment, mulching blades have their advantages and drawbacks. You should know them to decide whether you really need this tool for your garden. So, here is a list of pros and cons.


  •   Mulching blades perform 3 tasks in a single period of time – discharging, bagging, and mulching grass clippings.
  •   The multipurpose function saves you plenty of time and effort.
  •   Mulching blades feature a curved design that allows cutting the grass into smaller pieces.
  •   Mulching blades help distribute grass equally into the lawn, it works as a natural fertilizer. 


  •   Mulching blades are not suitable for cutting tall grass
  •   They are less effective in discharging grass clippings compared to regular blades.

Top-Rated Mulching Blades


Here, we’ll discuss the best mulching blades for lawn mowers available on the market. If you are also looking for high-quality blades for your kitchen, hop on my kitchen advisor.

  1. Gator Fusion G5 595-605 Longer Life

Oregon itself became famous just because of this one model. It’s next to impossible to find this level of versatility in any other blade. It efficiently fits in different types of mowers and does a great job.

All the blades from gator have a different design and look. Compared to any other mulching blade, the gator blades have 30% more efficiency. These are sharper and cut grass faster. It spreads the grass evenly and bags them efficiently.

Mulching blades for lawn mowers are highly durable and made up of tempered steel strong enough to work in every condition. The tungsten carbide advanced fusion technology ensures the blade edges stay sharp for long.

  1. MTD 942-0741A Replacement Blade

This blade is the most popular product of the brand MTD. You can efficiently replace unfit blades accompanied with MTD mowers using this product. You can also fit it in other types of mowers, such as Troy-Built TB360.

The length of this blade is 21 inches long; still, it’s lightweight enough. It trims the lawn grass faster than ever compared to other blades. The blades come with reinforcement of steel and carbon to bring extra strength and durability.

  1. Stens 532134149

This highly versatile blade is good enough to work with reputed mower brands like Husqvarna, Poulan, or Craftsman. It comes in all kinds of sizes and various sets, ranging from sets of 2 to 4.

The reputed company Stens is remarkable in producing excellent gardening tools, which means you won’t ever get mulching blades problems!

No need to worry about the quality of the product If you are using this one. You can easily mount the blade on any kind of lawnmower having 5 point star mounts.

  1. USA Mower Blades AYP340BP

The USA mower blades are high lift mulching blades. Coming in all shapes and sizes, you can use them as replacements in any lawn mower brand like Husqvarna craftsman or Poulan. You can use it with any brand of lawn mower that goes well with 5-star mounting.

Made up of high-quality steel, these mulching blades for lawn mowers provide you with premium blades at such an affordable price.

  1. Toothed Mulching Rotary Copperhead

These rotary toothed blades come reinforced with Titanium alloy and carbide to give extra strength to the blades. The blades are believed to have a long shelf life as they are highly durable. The unique teeth trim the grass effectively. The six-angle holes fit with any kind of mower. In addition, these mulching blades are lightweight enough to trim any wild grass without a hassle.

  1. MaxPower 2-blade set 561739

The power blades are suitable for any lawnmower that’s compatible with a 5-star mount hole. It comes with a two-piece set and goes well over any famous brand. It can cut well through 46 inches deep. The blade’s weight helps it remain strong enough even if it goes through stones, soil, or debris. Two blades will increase efficiency and also reduce labor and time better than one.

  1. Oregon MTD Gator Blade G5 21 IN

The high lift mulching blade can do trimming, bagging, or mulching the grass at the same time. You can use these blades for medium to small fittings and even for short grasses. The blades are very versatile and work great over new and old mowers. You won’t have to worry about mulching blade problems if you’re using this one!

  1. Honda Lawn Mower Blade

The last mower in the list works well only with the Honda lawn mower to give faster cuts. It comes in two-piece sets having a lower and upper blade.  You can achieve smaller clippings by combining two blades and work efficiently on tall grasses.  These blades, however, don’t go over every mower; that’s the significant mulching blade difference here. You can use them well over the Honda mower only.

Hopefully, our post will help you choose the right mulching blades for your garden.  

If you have anything to add, please leave a comment with your favorite piece of advice and wisdom for new gardeners!


Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a homeowner and seasoned gardener. In her spare time, she writes articles on topics related to gardening and home improvements. Rachel enjoys sharing her experience and supporting new gardeners. 



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