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How to Best Lay Out Your Yard or Garden

Make the most of your outdoor areas to enjoy nature’s beauties this summer. Enhancing your green space may increase your home’s value by ten percent or more. It depends on the size, layout, and designs that you incorporate.

How to Best Lay Out Your Yard or Garden


You might want to start by considering the addition of hardscapes. Laying a new patio floor or a covered dining area under a pergola extends the living space of your home for outdoor use in nice weather. Stone or brick walkways should be kept well maintained by repairing uneven, chipping, or wobbly sections. Contact a concrete services expert for an inspection of your yard to see which type of hardscape designs will fit and look best on your property.

Lawns and Accents

Of course, a green, thick, healthy lawn is essential for a well manicured look. Sow grass seed to repair thin or bare patches in your lawn. Remove weeds regularly to keep the lawn looking smooth and neat. You may want to plant lavender, a current favorite with homeowners, as well as shrubs or hedges as natural borders or accent points. A section of attractive fencing can be both decorative and functional in keeping the neighbors’ pets away. You can hang flower baskets or accessory lighting on the fence or plant tall flowers like hollyhocks or sunflowers for color. A birdbath or a bench for resting are more ways to spruce up your lawn.

Trees and Shrubs

Mini-trees on the perimeter of your property or at the corners of your garden add an appealing contrast of style and design. Full-size trees along the property line provide a natural boundary that can also serve as a natural habitat for birds. Flowering shrubs add points of interest near the garage, shed, or patio. You can decorate trees with seasonal or holiday displays or enjoy them just as they are.


Vertical gardens or raised flower gardens are popular especially with homeowners who have smaller lawns and limited outdoor space. Plant your favorite florals or greenery in tracts along the house, garage, or driveway for splashes of color. Flower beds that are rectangular, circular, or oval in shape make attractive points of interest in your yard. Vegetable gardens, even small ones, let you grow produce that can be eaten fresh or frozen for future use.

Take advantage of your lawn to cultivate beauty and extend usage for optimum enjoyment. Try ideas like these or plan your own ways to make your yard a special retreat for family and friends.


Author Bio:  Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.


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