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How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Looking Beautiful This Summer

A well-maintain lawn can do wonders to enhance the curb appeal and external appearance of any property. From routine mowing and landscape upkeep to more ambitious gardening projects, there are plenty of ways to ensure your yard and garden can look their best, throughout the summer and beyond.

How to Keep Your Yard and Garden Looking Beautiful This Summer

Watering and Irrigation

The summer heat can quickly create a very thirsty lawn and homeowners who expect their existing watering habits to be sufficient could be in for a rude surprise. Ample watering and sufficient irrigation are essential for ensuring your lawn or garden remains lush, healthy, and vibrant throughout the summer. Watering the cooler hours of the morning or early evening can also be good as it may help to minimize moisture loss due to evaporation.

Gardening and Landscaping Upgrades

Making improvements to your home’s exterior is another option you may wish to consider. Plants that do well in the winter may struggle just to survive the heat and swapping them out for a seasonal alternative can make quite a difference. Selecting plants that require less water can also help to minimize your irrigation and upkeep costs.

Mowing and Maintenance

While no one wants to mow during the dog days of summer, even a few weeks of neglect may quickly begin to show. Keeping up with your lawn care routine and gardening efforts during the hotter months of summer may not always be comfortable, but it is essential. Contracting with a professional landscaping service can be an ideal alternative for those who may not feel up to the task. The right provider can offer the full range of mowing, trimming, and tree care service options that will allow you to keep your home’s exterior looking great.

New Additions and Projects

Redesigning your entire landscape may seem drastic, but it can be well worth the effort and expense involved. Planting trees that offer additional shade, hardscaping features, or xeriscaping can all help to improve your outdoor environment while reducing the need for constant maintenance and upkeep. Planning a few additions or a total landscape redesign before the start of the season could prove to be a very smart move.

Higher temperatures and seasonal weather can turn maintaining your lawn, garden, or landscape during the summer into quite a chore. Working out your watering and irrigation scheduling, contracting with a professional service provider, or updating and upgrading your landscape layout and design can make it much easier to keep your lawn looking beautiful all summer long.


Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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