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What You’ll Need to Do to Complete Your Newly Built Home’s Landscaping

You just purchased a newly built home, and you are excited to move in. The house is absolutely gorgeous. You and your family are going to be happy for many years to come.

As you are moving in and getting settled, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your landscaping is ready to go. The following are the four things you should do to complete your newly built home’s landscaping.

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Pressure Wash Driveways and Porches

Many times builders will rush the installation of new plants and sod when getting a house ready. Typically, this is one of the last items completed before a new home is handed over to the new owner.

Unfortunately, during the process of installing landscaping, contractors frequently stain cement driveways and porches with dirt and clay. This is an easy fix however. You should just plan to pressure wash your driveways and porches once you are moved in.

Irrigate New Plantings and Grass

Newly built homes are going to come with newly installed plantings and grass. It is always a best practice to irrigate new plantings frequently so that their roots become established. This is vital for the health of the plants.

If your new home has an irrigation system, then make sure to run it regularly the first few weeks you have moved in. If there is not an irrigation system, then simply make sure to hand-water the plants on a regular basis.

Install Mulch and Gravel

Many times, homebuilders will not install mulch and gravel in landscaping beds or will do so sparingly. You should take the time to evaluate your new home’s landscaping beds, and perhaps even install new beds if you desire.

Make sure to add any mulch or gravel that is necessary in the beds around your home. This is really a low-cost way to make your new landscaping look great.

Evaluate Drainage Around the Home

As you irrigate your new landscaping plants, you should take note of how water drains around your home. Are there any hillsides that are eroding? Is water flowing and forming puddles near or around your house?

If either one of these scenarios is true, then you may need to have a company out to do drilling to better handle stormwater. Catching a problem like this early can help you avoid headaches down the line.

Do these four things to complete your newly built home’s landscaping. Once you do, your landscaping will be beautiful and ready to go. You will be set to move in and enjoy your new house!


Author Bio:  Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2


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