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Changing Seasons: 4 Ways to Switch up Your Landscaping for Fall

Summer is fading and fall is creeping in on us. The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler, and leaves are changing color and drifting to the ground. For many, this is an amazing time of the year, and it also means that yard maintenance is drawing to a close.

It’s important to realize that even though you don’t have to do the same amount of work on your landscaping in the fall as you did in the summer, that doesn’t mean you are completely free from doing work. Below are some of the ways to switch up your landscaping for fall.


Plant the Spring Bulbs

Now is the time to get the bulbs into the ground so they will bloom for spring. Take some time to determine which type of flowers you want and where you want to put them. Then, get out a few of your gardening tools and get them in the planted.

Add Some Plants to Your Window Boxes

If you have window boxes that you normally put flowers in, change things up and put some cool weather plants in them for fall. These can include sweet potato vine, flowering kale, or coleus. These plants will thrive through the fall and may even last partway through winter.

Add Some Hardscaping

Your yard adds a lot to the visual appeal of your house, but you can improve the soft features by adding some hard ones this fall. This includes putting retaining walls or pavers around flowerbeds, adding paving stone walkways, or even putting in a rock formation. All of these can add something special and unique to the landscaping around your house.

Add Plants that Will Survive Year-round

Summer flowers are amazing and add color and beauty to your home. As the weather cools, these fade, but you don’t have to have plants that die as soon as fall comes around. You can add some evergreens, hydrangeas, dogwood, or viburnums to your landscaping to have plants and color year-round.

One thing you’ll have to do when fall weather moves in is keep up with yard maintenance. This includes getting rid of falling leaves. For this task, you might consider getting landscaping services. This will ensure that your yard stays clean and doesn’t burden you with too much work.


Author Bio:  Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2



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