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How to Make a Grand Garden in a Small Space

Even with a small space, you can still create a magnificent garden where you can grow a variety of plants and flowers. With some careful planning and creativity, you can transform a small area in your yard into the garden paradise of your dreams. Here are some of the best ways to make a grand garden in a small space.HowtoMakeaGrandGardeninaSmallSpace

Create Raised Garden Layers

Raised garden layers will let you utilize space better by having tiered layers that give a more visually grand experience in the same amount of space as a single layer. In order to create raised layers, earthmoving equipment hire can be arranged to help create structurally supported mounds that you can work with. Once your layers are in place, you’ll want to have the sides lined with brick, wood, or stones to help prevent the soil from eroding off the layers over time. Natural stone is particularly beautiful for higher layers, while wooden boards work well for shorter layers.

Use Hanging Baskets for Flowers

Hangings baskets will save you from having to use up so much space in your small garden. Metal or plastic hooks can be installed on exterior walls and other outside areas to hold these baskets. Some of the best flowers to plant in hanging baskets include petunias, begonias and fuchsias. Having a variety of brightly colored flowers in your hanging baskets can also attract more hummingbirds and other pollinators.

Allow Vines to Crawl Up Your Fence

By allowing vine growth up your fence, you’ll be able to expand your garden growth while giving your yard more decorative appeal. Honeysuckle and pink jasmine twining vines are able to twist their stems around fence supports. Ivy and trumpet vines also work well for fences. This allows you to take advantage of even more vertical space in your yard while only using a single row of soil.

Maintain Open Walking Space

Even in a small garden, you’ll still want to make sure that there is enough walking space for you to move around to tend to your plants and flowers. Simple steppingstones can be placed along a designated pathway through your garden to keep you from stepping on any vegetation. A narrow dirt path can also be designed for walking. Whatever walking path that you choose, it’s important to keep your vegetation from overgrowing onto your walkway as a safety precaution.

Having a small flourishing garden is possible with the right modifications and plan in action. By using the proper gardening tools and methods, you’ll be able to plant a small garden that still looks grand.


Author Bio: Meghan Belnap is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her family.  She loves being in the outdoors and exploring new opportunities whenever they arise.  Meghan finds happiness in researching new topics that help to expand her horizons.  You can often find her buried in a good book or out looking for an adventure. You can connect with her on Facebook right here <> and Twitter right here <>.*


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