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With the Pests Away, the Plants can Play! 5 Natural Gardening Tips

Gardens are a beloved pastime for many homeowners and nature enthusiasts. Unfortunately, the hard work you put into your garden can amount to destruction due to pests. Luckily, there are five natural ways that you can help your garden to flourish and remain virtually free of pests.



Natural Compost

The plants in your garden need nutrients on a daily basis. They receive this from the soil in which you plant your garden. You have the option of purchasing soil that has been enriched with nutrients, but you run the risk of contaminating your garden with chemicals and other undesirable compounds. Create your own natural compost at home to ensure that your garden receives all the nutrients it needs without any harsh additives.

Tend to Your Garden

Tending to your garden frequently ensures it stays healthy and provides it with natural protection against things that might harm your plants. Weeding your garden on a regular basis will reduce the number of hiding places that common garden pests use while making sure they don’t steal nutrients, light, and water from plants you want to flourish.

A Circle of Salt and Other Protections

Slugs are a common garden pest that can be kept at bay by making a circle of salt around each plant. Flour is difficult for some insects to digest so it is great at ridding your garden of a variety of different pests. The aroma that chili peppers or garlic cloves give off can help repel insect infestations. Do some research on pests in your area and what natural methods best keep them out of your garden area. It could take some trial and error but it’s worth it to know you’re not putting poisons into the environment.

Plant Your Protection

There are actually certain types of plants and herbs that you can grow in your garden that act as natural pest repellents. Mint is a very aromatic herb that many pests avoid. Not only will you have plenty of minty fresh leaves on hand, but you will also have a pest-free area. Basil and lemongrass can also be added to that list. You can repel pests and have plenty of herbs on hand for natural cooking. And then we have the citronella plant. The oil of citronella naturally repels insects and animals. However, be careful about the placement of any of these plants as they can affect those who are sensitive to them. Plant with caution.

Use Soap for Ground Pests

In some areas of the country, your garden can face meddling from rabbits and deer. These large animals can be dealt with in a few ways. Building a large fence around your garden will keep out the deer. Placing chunks of soap with a strong scent around your plants will repel rabbits and other ground-dwelling pests.

Natural methods work for some people while being disappointing to others. If you’re not having luck with any of these gardening tricks, you can always call professional pest control specialist plant expert for a consultation.


Autor Bio:  Dixie Somers is a freelance writer who loves to write about home and women’s interests. She lives in Arizona with her husband and three beautiful daughters.


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