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Growing Eden: 3 Challenges of Maintaining a Luscious Backyard

Everyone wants to have a luscious backyard that they can be proud of, but turning your yard into an outdoor getaway is easier said than done. Over the years, you might run into a wide variety of issues that leave you struggling with dying trees or yellow patches of grass. Here is a quick look at three common landscaping challenges and some steps that you can take to overcome them.



Pest Infestations

No matter how much time and energy you spend trying to keep insects and rodents out of your yard, you will most likely deal with at least a few infestations over the years. Luckily, most of those critters won’t stick around if there are natural predators such as ladybugs, local birds, mantises, and assassin bugs. Some landscaping stores even sell boxes of predator bugs that you can leave in your backyard. You can also keep unwanted pests off your property with household supplies such as eggshells, essential oil sprays, and coffee grounds.

Diseased Trees

As soon as you notice any issues with the trees on your property, you must act immediately. Tree diseases can sweep through a neighborhood in a matter of months, and the damage is going to be devastating. Some of the early warning signs that you should keep an eye out for include peeling bark, hard growths on the trunk, yellow leaves, and liquid discharge. If you have recently noticed any of those issues, then you might want to contact a local arborist to explore your options. An experienced arborist can help you come up with an effective treatment plan that includes tree surgery or the use of treatments that eradicate the disease. You don’t want one sick tree to start a domino effect.

Standing Water

In addition to attracting pests, standing water is also going to kill off some of the plants in your backyard. The most effective to prevent water from pooling in your yard is to improve the drainage. Some experts suggest installing French drains that channel water away from low spots in the yard. You can also install a dry well that collects water whenever it rains or the snow melts. For large pools of water, you might need to remove the top layer of soil, pour in pea gravel, and then grade the entire area.

If you are still having a tough time maintaining your backyard, then you should hire a local landscaping contractor once or twice a year. Even if you plan on doing most of the outdoor work yourself, one of those professionals can help you come up with a long-term maintenance plan that keeps your yard green and beautiful.


Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.

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