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5 Reasons Why the Future Of Agriculture is Indoors (infographic)

Gardening is migrating. What does this mean? In short, that the future of gardening will look far different from the gardening world of today. Fewer and fewer people will grow their food outdoors, more opting to be the masters of their food supply using controlled indoor gardens. Our gardens are on the move.

If you’re unfamiliar with hydroponic agriculture, it’s a method of growing produce indoors using nutrient rich water instead of soil that can be done year round. We’ve talked about this in the past here where we share 5 reasons to grow your own indoors.

This infographic takes it a step further and gives some great data on the trends of agriculture and why you should start taking steps to grow indoors due to the changes happening in our world today.  

indoor gardening infographic

Have you run into any hydroponcially-grown produce in your grocery store yet?

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