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How To Bring Colour Into Your Garden

We all love our gardens to be visually appealing. How can you ensure it remains colorful throughout the year? Here are a few ideas as to how you might achieve that.

Colorful garden The color intensity of your garden evidently changes from season to season. However, with careful planning, you should be able to maintain a level of colour all year round. When planning for a colourful garden you should consider a number of factors, such as the size of your garden, how you use it and how much time you realistically spend gardening. Whatever your garden needs, by thinking through how you will use flowers, furniture and garden accessories, you should be able to keep the colour flowing through your garden whatever the season.

Use of flowers

Flowers are an obvious way to make your garden full of colour. While making your garden a more appealing place in which to spend time, flowers will also increase your garden’s biodiversity by attracting insects and birds. While you may want to coordinate your colour palette and only select a few different tones, by planting a bigger range of flowers, you will increase your colour range and improve the biodiversity of the space. You can increase the colours further by planting wild flowers or even investing in ready-planted wild flowers.

Shrubs and bushes should also be a consideration, as they can provide a range of colours during the colder months. Some shrubs may also flower in the winter, providing additional texture and colour to your garden when it is cooler.

Garden furniture

Benches, chairs and tables can all add to the colour aesthetic of your garden. Furniture can be painted in a colour to complement your garden. Sheds can also be painted in different colours to provide additional shades. A large parasol in the summer months can be a bold addition to add to the colour of your garden.

Garden accessories

Garden accessories can add interest as well as colour to your garden. Bird boxes, sundials or even outdoor sculptures can bring visual interest, as well as ensuring your garden keeps its appeal during every season. There are a variety of ways that you can bring colour to your garden all year round. The variety of flowers and shrubs, painted garden furniture and colourful garden accessories can all ensure that your garden is a pleasure to spend time in, both when it is warm and when it is cold.

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