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What People Are Saying About Us

  • I love the cages as they are a product which our market has needed for some time now and they completely exceeded my expectations. The clips I was quite surprised by how well they work. I really figured they wouldn't hold the branch weight I needed but I was quite happy after I put them to the test.
    - Shane Hutto, Product specialist | Technical Advisor, Grodan Inc
  • When I discovered Global Garden Friends' Ultimate Plant Cage, I knew that this was the right solution for my problem. Not only does the Ultimate Plant Cage provide the right fully-adjustable support, but the Ultimate Plant Clips allow me to easily gather and secure foliage and vines.
    Katie Schneider,
  • I usually just use twist-ties, but they’re so frustrating and awkward to use! The Ultimate Plant Clips, however, actually work with your hands natural motion. They fit right in between your thumb and index finger, so you can literally clip your plants with one hand, by simply locking your fingers together.
    Sarah UmmYousef,
  • The Ultimate Plant Cage keeps plants growing in the right direction: UP! Although the plant cage isn't designed to work with large tomato plants, it works great with pepper plants, and cherry tomato plants.
  • Do you find the wire tomato cages at the garden center are too wimpy to support your tomato plants? Tired of replacing bamboo stakes every couple of years? Check out the Ultimate Plant Cage. This just might be the most extreme tomato cage to ever hit the market.
    Ramon Gonzalez,
  • The plant stakes get a thumbs up from me and the plant clips gets two thumbs up. They are both simple and well designed and can easily be disinfected and reused. And I for one am all for supporting products that are made in the USA.
    Michael O’Loughlin,
  • The Ultimate Plant Cage truly lives up to its name. It’s the most versatile, customizable cage I’ve ever seen!
    Sarah UmmYousef,
  • I thought these were soooo creative and they worked great especially for my tomato plants. I will be ordering more of these for next summer for sure! They are not very expensive at all for the kind of help they bring to my garden.
    Randi Poole,
  • These clips are not only cute, they are like a barrel of monkeys and can be used for almost anything.
    Sarah Cuthill,
  • Now I gotta admit, I thought the Ultimate Plant Clips were a bit of a gimmick. How could they be any better than the good ol' twisty ties? Wow, was I wrong! These things work amazingly! Makes everything so much easier and they look damn good too!
    - Eddie, Hydroponics Gardener



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