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Top 10 Herbs that Make Your Brain More Effective

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Nov 11, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

In rare occasions, you’re fully focused and aware of everything happening around you. You’re able to complete all daily tasks without much effort and you even have free time to do some reading and engage in your favorite hobby. But those days are rare. More often, people feel exhausted. That’s because the responsibilities imposed to a person today are much more complex than they ever were. Let’s take a college student as an example. She has to attend classes until late afternoon. Then she has to study and work on a challenging research paper. She has so much pressure on her shoulders Read more [...]

Garden Lighting: How to Display Your Favorite Flowers Day or Night

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Oct 30, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

You don’t have to wonder what your yard looks like just because the sun went down. There are numerous means that you can add some lighting to your flowers in order to enjoy them anytime. Here are some of the more common methods that you can display your flowers in the dark. Wall Accents Wall accent lighting can come in a variety of forms. This could be that you install sconce style lighting on the outside of your home. Another solution is to strategically place the lighting on hardscape features in order to increase the visibility of your yard. There are even temporary solutions that can Read more [...]

Fall Pests: 4 Ways to Keep the Creepy Crawlers out of Your Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Oct 24, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

Growing a fall garden is fun and rewarding until pests try to share the after all, you want to keep all the harvest from your hard work for yourself and not share it with wildlife, insects, birds and rodents. Here are some tips that will help keep pests out of your fall garden.     Use Beneficial Insects There are a number of different beneficial insects that you may want to introduce to your garden. Just like pest control companies like American Pest Control Inc. Professionals work to keep pests out of your home, insects can keep pests out of your garden. You may want to introduce Read more [...]

Garden Creation: How Professionals Display Their Favorite Flowers

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Oct 13, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

A lovely garden can fill you with joy. It can make you feel enthusiastic about having guests over to see your outdoor setting, too. If you want to highlight your beloved flowers in a professional manner, these smart approaches can help you do so without a problem. Concentrate on a Designated “Accent” You can make your garden bed come to life by establishing a visual “accent” of sorts. You can give sizable garden beds support with the assistance of boxwood shrubs if you want. You can put these on the sides. You can place a lovely flowering shrub in the center of the bed as you desire, Read more [...]

Happy Trees: How Smart Homeowners Keep Their Trees Healthy

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Oct 5, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

The great thing about a mature tree is that it needs little to no care from you. Maintaining the health of your trees is all about taking care of them smarter instead of harder. Here are some of the things that you’ll need to do in order to keep your trees healthy. Avoid Damaging Activities You may not know that certain things that you’re doing around your trees could be causing them to become damaged. Parking on top of the roots of your trees could be impacting their root base. This is because the soil covering the roots becomes more compacted. Another thing to consider is any construction Read more [...]

5 Tips for Taking Care of the Plot of Land Your New House Sits on

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 30, 2018 in Press | 1 comment

Building a brand new home is a dream that many people share. When you are looking to build a new home, you will first need to purchase a plot of land. When you own your own land for your new home, there are five tips that should be followed to ensure it is properly taken care of. Care for Trees One of the most beautiful natural elements that can occur on your land would be a nice tree. While a nice set of trees will provide you with great shade and ambiance, they do require some maintenance and care. When you hire a professional tree lopper, you can be assured that they will be properly cared Read more [...]

Master Gardeners: How to Take Care of Your Waste

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 27, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

Gardening is a great way to provide fresh food for yourself and your family, but it’s also an activity that creates a fair amount of waste. Leaves, stems, roots and even vegetables that fall off of their plants before you can harvest can pile up, leaving you with heaps of garden waste at the end of the year. Here are some of the ways you can get rid of your garden waste so that it doesn’t overwhelm you.   Compost It Green matter contains lots of essential nutrients that future plants in your garden can use. If you have a compost heap, the waste from your garden can be thrown into Read more [...]

How to Grow a Healthy Vegetable Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 25, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

It doesn't matter if you’re new to gardening or are fully fledged and have green fingers. It never hurts to read some tips which can help you to have a healthy garden full of vegetables.  For some individuals when they are first starting it can seem daunting to start digging up the garden to plant veggies, but there is another way to ease you into gardening without ruining half of your garden.  Raised beds can be a great way to grow veggies, and you can find you yield more than if you grew directly in the earth.  The principles are roughly the same for both types of garden layout, so let's Read more [...]

Fly Away! How to Keep Birds out of Your Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 16, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

Birds serve a valuable role in the natural ecosystem. Their habit of chewing on fruits, vegetables, and plants allows them to spread seeds, creating a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem. Unfortunately, that creates a problem when you’re looking to carefully foster produce in your garden. Here’s how you can keep birds out of your garden without causing undue harm to the larger environment.   Net Barriers The notion that good fences may make good neighbors may apply to stray deer and other land wildlife, but birds can be a bit trickier. Barriers are still a viable option, but they need Read more [...]

How Smart Gardeners Stay Organized

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 15, 2018 in Press | 0 comments

Although it can be extremely enjoyable, gardening often involves a great deal of work. As with any intensive project, though, good organization can make all the difference when it comes to getting your garden off to a great start and keeping it productive throughout the growing season. Here are four of the best organizational tips that will help to make gardening easier and more efficient for you. Plan Your Garden Beds before Breaking Ground One of the best ways to stay organized during the growing season is to plan out your garden beds in advance. Planning the size of your beds and the rotation Read more [...]
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