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5 New-Age Garden Designs

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Mar 6, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Are you winter weary, tired of backbreaking snow removal, frigid temps, and meager signs of life? Are you eager as a beaver to start gardening? While awaiting spring's arrival, you can be mapping out plans! According to Landscaping Utah and Utah Snow Removal, two current themes in modern gardening are repurposing and vertical installations. The following designs embody these principles, each one easy to duplicate. Prepare to be enthralled!   1. LATTICE GARDEN     On a lattice framework, you can either grow plants directly or hang potted specimens. The slats permit airflow Read more [...]

Tips to Prepare Your Flower Bed for Spring

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jan 30, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

By the time each season ends, gardeners are eagerly anticipating their next garden projects. Preparing a flower bed for spring planting is often an uplifting experience to those who have endured a long, cold, possibly snowy winter. Even before the danger of frost has passed or cold temperatures have disappeared, there are numerous garden-related tasks you can perform to get your flower bed ready for spring.   Make Way for Spring Flowers By the end of winter, many people are tired of being cooped up indoors. An excellent outdoor activity that will be beneficial to your flower bed when Read more [...]

Landscaping Landslide: 3 Natural Ways To Prevent Erosion In Your Yard

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jan 18, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Is erosion a problem on your property? If you see any of the typical symptoms of erosion such as bare spots in the turf, exposed tree roots or standing puddles of water, you'll want to consider trying these 3 natural ways to prevent erosion in your yard. Plant Trees, Flowers, Shrubs and Herbs Densely planted, deep-rooted vegetation is your best defense against topsoil erosion in a lawn. Trees are ideal for this purpose. If you don't already have trees growing on your property, it's wise to consider planting some. If you do already have trees growing, it's important to care for the Read more [...]

4 Ways to Fight Allergies in Your Own Backyard

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Nov 11, 2016 in Press | 0 comments

Although people with allergies can experience symptoms at any time, they have more difficulty during certain times of the year because of scents and pollen released by the plants in their own backyards. Certain types of landscaping actions like mowing grass and weeds can also set off allergic reactions. Follow these four methods for dealing with these allergies: Choose Decorative Plants Carefully Try to pick decorative plants that do not set off your allergies. If you are allergic to grass, for example, consider switching from grass lawns to artificial turf, succulents, stone gardens Read more [...]

Indoor Garden: How to Grow Your Own Food This Winter

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 5, 2016 in Press | 0 comments

Growing your own food can save money and help you to eat more nutritiously. While growing food outdoors during the winter is difficult in most areas of the country, you can switch to indoor gardening during cold weather. These steps will help you to successfully grow your own food this winter.   Soil, Seeds and Pots When growing food indoors, you will need to use a potting mix that has the right mix of organic materials. You can also add compost and even worm tea if you have access to a worm farm. You can use biodegradable pots or pots made from ceramic, plastic or clay for your indoor Read more [...]

Along the Garden Path: Landscaping Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 16, 2016 in Press | 1 comment

First impressions shape the way people see us and once an impression is formed, it is hard to change. For many people, their first and sometimes only impression of your home is that moment when they walk up the front walk to ring the doorbell. Presenting a pleasing curbside view makes a great first impression and happy neighbors or buyers. These four ideas will help you put your best landscaping foot forward and can even help add value to your house. Edge Your Walkway One of the best ways for the front of your house to look unkempt is to let the weeds and grass grow over your walkway and driveway. Read more [...]

Six Fun Items That Can Make Your Yard And Garden Stand Out

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 20, 2016 in Press | 0 comments

Your yard and garden are an extension of your home. Make better use of this land and your whole property will benefit. You can benefit from things like increased property value and more comfort. Here are six ideas that can transform a yard into a more attractive space.     Romantic Swing A romantic swing built for two evokes images of peaceful summer evenings watching the sunset. These come in many styles, colors, from rustic wood to cloth upholstered. Some even have a canopy to protect you from the sun and rain. This can be a nice focal point under a large tree in your Read more [...]

How to Make Your Vegetable Patch More Productive This Summer

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 6, 2016 in Press | 0 comments

The secret to having a productive vegetable patch is knowing how to plant the beds properly. Use these summer strategies to impress neighbors, friends, and family with your increased vegetable yield this summer. Use Space Wisely The best way to grow vegetables is in raised beds because they maximize usage of space, and allow you to build up the soil. If you can’t have raised beds, space plants smartly by planting them in triangle patterns instead of rows or squares. This allows you to fit up to 14 percent more vegetables into a given space.   Just don’t pack them too tightly together Read more [...]

Green Thumb: Tips to Create a Successful Flower Bed

Posted by Global Garden Friends on May 10, 2016 in Press | 0 comments

A spectacular flower bed can add color and joy to your backyard and make a tired lawn look new. Designing a new flower bed is a great way to welcome in the spring season and flex your creativity. Putting together plans for a customized flower bed is simple and fun. Here are a few tips to help you get started.   Find the Perfect Spot The first step in building a great flower bed is finding the absolute best location on your property. Take a quick stroll around your house and take note of the angle of the sun, nearby structures, and where you will be able to easily connect a hose for Read more [...]

Green Fields: Newest Trends in Crop Rotation and Better Sustainability

Posted by Global Garden Friends on May 6, 2016 in Press | 0 comments

Most conventional farms in the Midwest grow corn, alfalfa, or soybeans and either grow them continuously or rotate them depending on the year. Such farms quickly become dependent on chemicals to fertilize the soil and to kill various pests. Lately, there has been a big movement to become more sustainable in different methods of farming and some trends are showing how new technology and green initiatives are really changing the way farming is done. Crop Rotation Organic farms, which eschew all or most chemicals, generally rotate several crops. While conventional farms might rotate two crops Read more [...]
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