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Haven at Home: 4 Perfect Additions to Your Garden and Backyard

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Aug 10, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

CNN Money reports homeowners are developing outdoor living spaces to the tune of almost six billion dollars, and Furniture Today notes that outdoor furniture sales figures are exceeding sales of indoor furniture. You can make your own perfect outdoor space for fun, meals and relaxation by considering these four perfect garden and backyard additions.     Create a Secluded Spot for Relaxation You would not find it relaxing trying to nap in a hammock tied between the two posts of a road sign next to a busy highway, and some back yards can be very noisy with plenty of traffic Read more [...]

How to Incorporate Water Features into Your Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Aug 5, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

A trickle of water, a cool breeze on a hot day, and a glint of light shimmering off the water. These are some of the benefits of an outdoor water feature. A carefully chosen water feature can be soothing, beautiful, and easy to maintain. The perfect addition to your yard or garden. The following steps will help you bring the beauty of moving water to your garden easily, and feasibly.     Choose the Size There are many considerations when it comes to the size of your water feature. These considerations may include the size of your garden and the type of aesthetic you desire. Read more [...]

Ant Trap Madness: 3 Tips For Ridding Your Home Of The Pests For Good

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 26, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

No one wants to share their home with ants, but each year people find these pests in their homes. While it is impossible to guarantee that you'll never see an ant in your home again, there are steps you can take to reduce your likelihood of hosting a colony. You can take these steps if you have ants now or simply to reduce the risk of having them in the future. All are easy to do and quite effective at warding off unwanted guests.   Eliminate Food Sources Ants are much more likely to set up camp in your home if they find what they need there. Like all living creatures, ants need Read more [...]

4 Ways To Make Your Garden Simultaneously Healthy And Beautiful

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 20, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

You understandably want to create a gorgeous natural garden area for you and your loved ones to enjoy. However, it may seem sadly ironic that many of the products used in these spaces as well as the efforts people take to maintain them are not natural or beneficial for the environment. In fact, many destroy landscaping and gardening efforts damage the environment. If you are looking for green ways to beautify and care for your gardens, these are excellent ideas to consider using in your yard.   Use Attractive Water Management Devices Your gardens require ample water for their health and Read more [...]

Drought Resistant Plants to Try in Your Yard This Summer

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 12, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

There are several drought resistant beauties that can add drama and flair to any landscape. A hot summer need not leave your garden bare or your flowers wilting. From pops of color to lush greenery, there are many plants that will thrive in even the driest areas. These drought resistant plants can keep container gardens, flower beds, or curb sides looking beautiful even when rain is nowhere to be found and the heat is on full-blast.      Shrubs Shrubs are wonderful for creating a landscape foundation and more dimension to your yard. They can be found in various sizes, shapes, and Read more [...]

How Does Traditional Fertilizer Hold up and Compare to Organic?

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jul 6, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

In the 1800s, organic fertilizers were the only choice for gardeners and farmers. The 1900s saw the development of many petroleum products, including chemical fertilizers that became the gold standard. Today, gardeners and farmers have a choice in which fertilizer to use. Consider the pros and cons of each type. Avoid Heavy Metals Some chemical fertilizers may contain heavy metals. If you are using such fertilizers on your garden, the plants could be taking up those metals and putting them into the parts of the plants that you eat. Some companies, like Nature Safe, know that this could Read more [...]

Luscious Landscape: 4 Secrets for a Beautiful Home Exterior

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 30, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Landscaping your yard is one of the best ways to increase your home's value and make it a better place to live overall. Despite sometimes turning into a large project, basic landscaping isn't particularly difficult. If you want to improve your home, some outdoor improvements can be a relatively easy place to start. Here are four landscaping ideas you can implement in your yard to transform it into the perfect outdoor space.  Put in Different Plants for Accent Many people have small flower patches or planted pots in their yards, but if you want yours to truly stand out, you have to get Read more [...]

Gardening for the Common Good—How Flowers Can Improve Neighborhood Home Values

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 24, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Maintaining a property is key to help it retain or even increase its value. One key to this is thoughtful landscaping. Research at Virginia Tech shows that well-landscaped homes can go for up to 12% more than poorly-landscaped ones. Tree breaks, pruned shrubs and green turf are all good examples. But don’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed flowerbed.   Tips to Maximize Value Landscaping should not look rushed or desperate. Mature plants signal that a property has been well-maintained over the long term. In the same way that antiques suggest prosperity for generations, Read more [...]

How to Combat Snails in Your Flower Beds

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 22, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

No matter what you call them, snails, slugs, mollusks, or slimy little suckers, these little creatures can be extremely pesky once they have invaded your garden. Ragged seedlings and leaves with holes in them are two telltale signs you’ve got them. Don’t leave your garden to become a snail salad! Here are some handy hints on combating these slimy little pests.   Rest Your Throwing Arm While pitching snails over the fence has been a long-lived tradition in many gardening families, it turns out this is not entirely effective. Slugs have an internal GPS system of sorts that allows them to Read more [...]

Ready to Plant a Garden? How to Make it a Fun Family Activity

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Jun 7, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Planting a garden is a way to have fresh vegetables for the family without spending a lot of money at the grocery store. Once you begin gathering your crops, you can freeze them or can them so that they last longer than a few days after getting them from the garden. There are some ways that you can make planting a garden fun for the entire family, teaching everyone the benefits of growing vegetables in the process.   Make it a Game When you begin tilling the ground, making the rows and planting the seeds, make it a game for the kids. If they see that a garden can be fun instead of Read more [...]
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