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3 Ways To Keep Enjoying Your Yard In The Winter

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Dec 9, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

When the winds of winter start howling around your home and the thermostat drops, there is a temptation to hide indoors huddled under the blankets. At this point, many people winterize their yard and abandon it until spring. However, just because the temperature has dropped and snow is on its way doesn't mean that you have to become a hermit. By adding a fun fire pit, soaking up winter scenery in a warm hot tub and transforming your backyard into a skater's paradise, your backyard can still provide you with hours of fun and relaxation even in the dead of winter.   Catching Fire Few cold-weather Read more [...]

5 Air-Purifying Plants to Keep You Healthy at Home

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Nov 23, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

With most people spending over 90% of their time indoors, the quality of your indoor air matters. There are many sources of indoor air pollution. Synthetic building materials, furnishings, cleaning products,and upholstery can emit different toxic compounds such as formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen and can trigger allergies and asthma when in high levels. The sick building syndrome is also associated with indoor pollutants and is characterized by headaches, dizziness, and irritations in the eyes, ears, and nose. Several plants as discussed here can be used in your home for better air purification Read more [...]

Yard Clean Up: How to Get Your Lawn Prepped for Winter

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Nov 19, 2017 in Press | 1 comment

The vigorous summer growth of plants becomes slower during the winter season even when there is not a huge fluctuation in temperatures. The reduction in light levels shortens the time photosynthesis can take place, and even your lawn has the ability to go into dormancy. You may not notice a huge color difference in your lawn between the summer and winter months, but reduction in the need to mow indicates a shift toward dormancy. Here are four tips to get your lawn ready for winter. Monitor the Moisture Level Even when your lawn is growing at a much slower rate in the winter, it is still growing. Read more [...]

Creative Landscaping: 4 Backyard Additions for Improved Aesthetics

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Nov 4, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Simple renovations or updates to your backyard come with lasting functional and aesthetic benefits. Having artistic yard next to your home comes with many benefits. Having a beautiful backyard will help you beef up the curb appeal if you have any intention of selling your home. It also improves the value of your property. That said, here are some practical landscaping ideas that will make your neighbors envious of your home.   Water Features Water is often associated with life. Thus, having a water feature in your yard will make it lively and more appealing. Depending on your budget Read more [...]

4 Fantastic Features for Your Backyard and Garden Areas

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Oct 29, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Most backyards are strewn with toys, tools, sandboxes, swing sets, and lawn furniture. If you're looking to give your backyard a makeover, look no further than these four fantastic features to add to your backyard and garden areas. Wired Garden Trellis with Lights A beautiful garden should be decorated and put on display for all to see and admire. You spend a lot of time, energy, and thought on creating the perfect garden. Give it some after-dark illumination with a garden trellis wired with beautiful LED lights. The trellis can be purchased from a store in multiple designs, sizes, and styles, Read more [...]

The Year-Round Garden: 4 Tips to Make Sure Your Indoor Garden Keeps Producing

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Oct 26, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

So, you want to have an indoor garden, but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place. With a little knowledge and proper planning, indoor gardening can be a very rewarding experience. Use this guide and you are sure to have amazing results.   Proper Containers: the Difference between Falling Flat and Flourishing The plants you choose to grow should dictate your container choice. You first need to know which type of root system your plants have. Shallow rooted plants like lettuce, spinach and most herbs can stand a smaller container. Deep rooted varieties such as tomatoes, Read more [...]

Tree Hugger: A Guide for Planting Spruce, Pine, and Other Conifers

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 30, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Conifers are popular landscape trees and can add value to the property. Popular conifers include Douglas firs, cedars, cypresses, pines, spruce, firs, hemlocks, and redwoods. They provide beautiful green foliage all year round and are self-mulching as the needles drop to the ground and form a bed. Here are a few basics if you are considering planting a conifer on your property.     Conifer Uses Conifers are versatile and are often used to block out unsightly views, or serve as a privacy fence. Conifers are used to provide a wind block to protect gardens and other areas from Read more [...]

How to Make Your Home and Garden Glow with Brilliance

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 28, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

The exterior of your home and garden is what makes a first impression on visitors and guests. A yard and home exterior that are well-maintained show a pride of ownership. Use these four tips to make your home and garden glow with brilliance.   Spruce up the Flower Beds Once every week or two, take an hour to spruce up your flower beds. Pull off the old, dead blossoms. Prune overgrown plants. Pull out any weeds or dead leaves. Add some fresh mulch in the spring and autumn. Fertilize the flowers according to their needs. Remove any debris such as sticks or pine cones that have accumulated Read more [...]

Home Health: 3 Sneaky Ways Mold Could Set In This Fall

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 26, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Mold is one of the most insidious and destructive domestic hazards, and it's present in tens of thousands of houses in the United States alone. Fungal and mildew growth are prevalent in moist climates, but they can thrive in any home given the right circumstances. There are hundreds of different kinds of molds that can grow in a home and some of them can have lethal consequences on the health of the occupants. Every homeowner and tenant should take basic precautions against mold by checking high-risk areas often and responding to early signs of growth as soon as possible.   Check Under Read more [...]

Essential Oils and the Impact They Can Have on Your Garden

Posted by Global Garden Friends on Sep 24, 2017 in Press | 0 comments

Essential oils and gardens go together like peas and carrots, and the list of all of the ways you can use essential oils in your garden is extensive. They can be used for repelling insects, helping plants, and more. If you are looking for a unique way to put your doTERRA products to work in the garden, here are a few you should try out right now.   Insect Repellant Insects can zap the nutrients right out of your garden, destroy your crops, and are every gardener's worst nightmare. If your main struggle is defeating those bothersome bugs, take a few of these essential oil tips and tricks Read more [...]
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