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Welcome to your affiliate area. Here you can find information about your affiliate link and earnings.

Here are official Global Garden Friends affiliate banners you can use on your website. Save or copy the banner images or just grab the embed code to use on your site.
Be sure to use your custom affiliate link, which you’ll find in your dashboard tab.

125×125 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2973″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2973″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

125×125 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2974″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2974″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

250×80 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2975″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2975″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

250×80 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2976″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2976″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

250×250 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2977″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2977″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

250×250 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2978″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2978″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

250×250 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2979″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2979″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

250×250 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2980″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2980″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

350×400 px

[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”3370″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​] [affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”3370″ url=”” render=”code” /​]

768×50 px
[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2981″ url=”” a_target=”_blank” /​]
[affiliates_affiliate_link attachment_id=”2981″ url=”” render=”code” /​]




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