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Why Every Homeowner Should Plant Trees in Their Yard

Every homeowner should plant trees in their yard. This is becoming quite a trendy thing to do among the environmentally-conscious crowd, since trees can act as carbon sinks that help slow down or prevent climate change. However, there are specific benefits that homeowners can enjoy directly on top of that.

Why Every Homeowner Should Plant Trees in Their Yard


The biggest benefit that trees might offer is their shade. If it gets really hot where you live in the summer, then the shade that trees provide is immeasurable in value. The right canopy coverage can drop the ambient temperature of your yard by several degrees. Your house and air conditioning can benefit from that. Trees also absorb humidity, and that’s part of their cooling power. They can even help in the winter by breaking cold winds from hitting your home and keeping a pocket of slightly warmer air in your yard when things are frigid.


Depending on their placement and growth, some trees might provide some needed privacy. Fencing and shrubs can give you privacy at the ground level, but you might need something taller to block lines of sight into second-story windows. Trees are unlikely to ever provide you with full privacy, and you’ll get less in the winter with deciduous varieties. However, they can interrupt someone’s vision just enough to give you some peace of mind from prying eyes.


Trees add value to a property. Homes that have mature trees on their lot are usually worth several thousand dollars more when it comes time to sell. Also, big trees have potential value just as lumber or wood. Using an effective tree service can help you make sure your best trees stay alive and strong for a long time.


Adding trees to your property also gives the local wildlife a place to live. Birds of all kinds need branches to nest in, and having them around adds their song to your mornings. Even better, they’ll eat up a lot of the bugs and insects you don’t want around your home. Having squirrels and chipmunks dancing around outside your window is another delight to enjoy thanks to trees they can call home.

Key Takeaways

Why should every homeowner plant trees in their yard? Well, having shade is a pretty good reason, and the possibility of some added privacy is always a welcome addition. But, trees are good and healthy for the environment, and they give a nice look to a home. So why not call a tree service and add one to your property?


Author Bio:  Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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