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4 Things to Watch for When House Hunting if a Nice Yard Is Important to You

When looking for your next home, you may want to keep in mind the potential for an attractive, usable outdoor lawn for leisure and entertaining. As you browse homes for sale, you might give a casual glance to the yard and think it looks fine. But there are other considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a property with a nice lawn.



At first glance, a property you are browsing may appear to have an enormous lawn. It might look spacious and open, and you may assume it all belongs to the house that comes with it. But you need to check the property size on the real estate description. Some of that open area may belong to the neighbors’ lots or to the county. Find out the exact dimensions of the lawn before making an offer on the property.


Walk the perimeter of the property to check out the yard area. Check for dips in the ground surface, sparse grass, weeds, and damp areas where moisture may be settling. Look at the overall condition of the yard to determine its suitability. Does the grass appear healthy and cared for? Will the soil need to be leveled? Are there numerous rocks or deteriorating tree stumps to be removed? Assess the amount of work that will be needed to make the lawn attractive and usable for your outdoor purposes. If you plan to build on the lot by adding playground equipment or a deck, ensure the ground is stable enough rather than assuming it is.


Just as many homes are inspected for termites before a sale is finalized, have any trees or lumber in the yard checked for termites or other insect infestations. Look for signs of in-ground or tree locations of hornet or wasp nests. Signs of garter snakes, moles, voles, and chipmunks should also be noted. Rat or mice colonies will need to be destroyed. Woodpeckers lodging in your property trees can play havoc with your outdoor wooden structures, like porch railings or fences.

Neighboring Properties

Take a good look at the neighboring properties that border the one you are thinking about buying. Overhanging tree limbs can be problematic in a windstorm, because you may need to clean debris from your yard or rake the leaves that blow onto your property in the fall. Loose cats or dogs prowling around may also cause problems. To learn more about your property rights for a particular property, contact the best realtor in the area for information.

Carefully evaluate the lawn of a prospective property if you plan to spend time outdoors. A thoughtful assessment can save time, money, and frustration later.


Author Bio:  Anica Oaks is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. You can connect with Anica on Twitter @AnicaOaks.


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