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How to Start Preparing Now for Luscious Grass in the Spring

One of the sure signs of spring is the emergence of beautiful, green lawns around your neighborhood. If your lawn looked a little sickly at the end of last year, though, you’ve got some work to do to ensure that your spring lawn looks great. Fortunately, there are steps you can take now to help your lawn get a good start so that you don’t get behind when warmer temperatures arrive.


Remove Leaves

If you have any trees with late-falling leaves, it’s important to remove or mulch those leaves so that they don’t cause mold in your soil during the winter. If you’ve got a good mulching attachment on your lawn mower, mulching is your best option since it gives you free nutrients to help give your lawn a good start. Of course, if the leaves are especially thick, you’ll need to remove some so that your grass can still receive sunlight.

Kill Weeds

Unfortunately, many types of weeds can emerge in the spring before your grass does. That’s why it’s important to use some type of weed killer to prevent them from making an appearance when the weather is warm enough. If you want to completely start over with your lawn, you can use a non-selective systemic weed killer to kill all of your grass and then re-seed in early spring to see beautiful results by summer.

Consider Your Options

Another step you can take now to give you success in the spring is to consider the different options of grass seed, fertilizer, and other lawn care items that you’ll need when it’s warm enough to work on your lawn. Most home improvement stores keep their garden centers open throughout the winter so that you can wander around and make your selections. This will ensure that you have everything you need in place the moment the planting season begins.

Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade

Another important component of a healthy lawn is a quality lawnmower. Specifically, you’ll want to make sure that your lawnmower blade is sharp enough to cut your grass without causing damage to the grass blades. You can choose to sharpen your existing blade using a file or a bench grinder, or you can buy a new blade from your local lawn mower supply store.

During a long winter, it can seem as though spring will never arrive. It’s important, though, that you stay patient so that you don’t do anything too early and jeopardize your progress. When the seasons finally change, you’ll be rewarded with the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood and plenty of soft grass to walk in while you spend time outside.


Author Bio:  Anica Oaks is a professional content and copywriter who graduated from the University of San Francisco. She loves dogs, the ocean, and anything outdoor-related. You can connect with Anica on Twitter @AnicaOaks.

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