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Fast and fabulous ideas to decorate your Garden

Whether large or small, your garden is your little place on the planet where you can spend time in nature to relax and recharge your batteries. While creating a beautiful garden can be time-consuming and expensive, if you know how to simply decorate your garden, you will be able to create a little paradise of your own quickly, at a price that won’t put a huge dent in your bank balance!



Following are a few fast and fabulous ideas to decorate your garden with a minimum amount of effort, time, and money, with results that are absolutely stunning!

  • Bamboo wind chimes – add to the peace and serenity in your garden by hanging bamboo wind chimes from trees and pergolas. Not only will they look good in your garden, but the sound they make in the slightest of breezes, will help you to relax and calm down after a long and stressful day.
  • Brush up on color – it’s amazing what a lick of paint can do to a tired-looking fence or garden gate! Take a few hours to give a couple of coats of paint to wooden fences, garden gates or doors, old benches, or garden shed, and give your garden that magical look and feel. If you already have flowers that give your garden splashes of bright color, then paint these wooden items black, or charcoal, to create the perfect backdrop for your floral palette. Bear in mind that a quick coat of paint can make plant containers look totally different too!
  • Recycle – if you have old pieces of furniture inside your home that you don’t want anymore, consider changing the way they look and move them outside into your garden. Old dressers and sinks can become really unique planters once they’ve been painted.


  • Hanging baskets – this is the way to go if you want instant color in your garden! Wire hanging baskets are really cheap. Simply add plants like verbena, petunias, or fuchsias to them, and hang them on tree branches, pergolas, or fences, and they will add to the beauty of your garden immediately.
  • Invite wildlife into your garden – encourage wildlife to your piece of paradise by hanging a few bird feeders, a birdhouse or two, and a couple of birdbaths and your little patch of nature will be complete. You can cut the costs even more, by using empty soup and baked bean cans. Rinse them out, let them dry thoroughly, fill with birdseed, and hang them all over your garden.


  • Pond – a pond won’t only help to encourage wildlife to your piece of nature, but it will add to your garden’s beauty too. Collect some river stones and pebbles, dig a shallow hole in your garden, and line the bottom with a pond liner. Use the stones and pebbles to hide the edges of the liner, fill with water, and add a few ferns and other plants all around the edge of the pond.

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  • Start a kitchen garden – prepare the soil in a small section of your garden and grow some vegetables. Besides being a fantastic way to decorate your garden, you will also have your own steady supply of fresh, tasty vegetables. Apart from being healthier than store-bought vegetables, having them in your own garden will also save you money in the long run!
  • Gravel walkways – making walkways around your garden will not only look great but will help a lot too, to prevent your precious plants from being damaged. It takes time and money to have paving installed. However, if you opt for gravel instead, and do the job yourself, the time and cost involved to get to the end result will be a lot less, and it will look amazing as well!
  • Fairy lights – they’re cheap and easy to install and will create a pretty glow from your patio to the rest of your garden. Attach fairy lights to furniture and fences, hang them from trees and shrubs, or suspend them from the beams of your pergola.

Above are just a few of the many ways to decorate your garden. The main aim of each of them is to save you the time and costs normally involved to have the garden of your dreams. Use one, two, or all the above ideas to make changes to your garden, and you will have your own little patch of nature – plants and wildlife, to relax in whenever you desire.


Author:  Liz Buckley is a freelance lifestyle writer. Her focus now is to help readers update their interior decor. Liz is currently writing for Land of Rugs.

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