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4 Suggestions for Renovating Your Patio This Spring

As you maintain your appliances and rooms, maintain the look and function of your outdoor patio. The weather may have been particularly harsh this winter or you may have had an overgrowth of weeds or mold last year. Every patio has problems and needs regular care and attention. Here are 4 tips to renew your outdoor living space this Spring.

4 Suggestions for Renovating Your Patio This Spring


Apply a Sealant

Every few years, reseal the surface of your patio, whether it’s made of wooden boards or stone pavers. A sealer consists of chemicals that cover the pores of the patio’s materials, adding a layer of protection that prevents staining and splintering. Right after the initial installation, you may remember having this surface sealed for the first time, but you must continue to have this work done as maintenance.

Clean the Surface

A patio is a large area that is difficult to brush and mop using simple tools. A high pressure washer is needed to remove every trace of dirt and debris on the surface. A regular garden hose is not fast or strong enough to provide a thorough cleaning. Pressure washing your patio seems minor, but you’ll instantly notice the cleaner look that is easier to view.

Repair or Replace Damages

Repair or replace any damaged part of the patio from the posts to the roof. Hire a professional to perform a patio column removal and replace it within a stronger material. If the area is covered with pavers, look for various damages, like cracking or fading, that usually need to be replaced. Most people are able to install pavers correctly on your own when they buy the right ones.

Repaint the Surface

Strong rains and sunlight may fade your patio to a dull color. Consider reapplying a new coat of paint before you reapply the sealant. Even if there’s no fading, consider a paint job to bring a fresher, brighter look to your yard. In some cases, a nicely painted surface hides the damages and contaminants that are found underneath. It’s important to sand and power wash the patio first. Overall, repainting increases the value of your property when you’re planning to sell.

Renew your patio every Spring and preferably before the season starts. During this renovation, you may wonder if it’s the time to install a new deck or walkway. Regardless of which choice you make, create a living area that is clean, streamlined and attractive all year round.


Author Bio:  Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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