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4 Tips for Landscaping a Yard That Has a Pool

Think of a normal yard and its typical landscaping features from trees to walkways. When there’s a pool around, it’s ideal to build a landscape that enhances the look and function of a pool. Review these 4 tips to landscape a yard with a pool.

4 Tips for Landscaping a Yard That Has a Pool

Build a Walkway

Build a walkway to move easily from the pool to the rest of the yard. After a swim, it’s safer to step onto a paved path instead of directly onto the grass. It’s also cleaner than stepping into dirt and trudging mud all over the yard.

One design idea is to build a border that encircles the pool. Build a walkway that extends into larger patio areas with outdoor bars and furniture. The types of materials that you can use vary from stamped concrete to natural stone.

Add Rocks

Some pool owners add rocks to create the natural, rugged appearance of lakes or rivers. Boulders are easy to sit on and more natural looking than inflatable chairs. Natural rocks in different shapes and colors are provided by landscapers, and many companies provide artificial rocks and boulders that look real.

Plant a Garden

A garden improves the visual appeal of any pool. This project is easy to do for anyone with beginner gardening experience and some landscape supplies. Even having a few plants brings a major improvement to the pool. Some homeowners combine their main swimming areas with water gardens that contain lily pads and aquatic plants.

Plant Trees

Plant trees that provide plenty of shade and beauty to your pool area. Trees that are short and stubby or tall and skinny are ideal to plant. Avoid placing any pool near large trees with overhanging tree branches or underground roots that could grow into the pool.

Not every tree species is compatible to have near a pool. Pine trees shed profusely, creating messes that could litter the surface of the water. Evergreen trees are always clean and do not shed in the Fall. Ideally for summer, palm trees give a warm tropical look to your yard.

Landscaping a yard should include features that enhance the pool. There are more than enough pool landscaping ideas and supplies to consider. As you landscape the pool, think of several main factors: increasing beauty, providing shade and increasing function. You want landscaping that attracts people to the pool and increases their desire to enjoy it.


Author Bio:  Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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  • Yo Nature

    I was thinking of getting natural rocks and grass around our small pool, it didn’t come to my mind that it might be messy with the mud and all. I guess that we’ll have to build a walkway first then add other stuff. Thanks for sharing these great tips! Cheers, Elna

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