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Garden of Growth: How Decor and Accents Help Add Character

A home’s outdoor garden can add a delightful touch to the property’s character. There are many ways to coordinate garden décor with the home’s structural design and style. Here are some popular options to consider when orchestrating a lovely garden to accent your lawn and patio areas.



For log cabins, hunting cottages, and farmhouses, a simple, natural approach to garden accents will complement rather than compete with the house and correlated outbuildings. Cultivated grasses like lemongrass, wildflowers, ferns, and natural stones or rocks can add basic charm to a garden that represents nature at its finest. Add a wooden bench or handmade birdhouse to complete the overall feel of unencumbered enjoyment out in the open. Your choice of plants can be arranged casually to create ambiance without formality.


For a cozy cottage garden, you may want to add a picket fence in vinyl white or natural wood as an accent point or a lawn border. Old fashioned irises, foxglove, and columbines are some of the most enjoyable blooms that will show nicely against the fence in an array of heights, colors, and blossoms. Dianthus and hydrangea shrubs offer pivotal points of interest, while the English primrose provides a classic touch of old-world nostalgia. Hollyhocks make a nice display against the side of the garage, barn, or shed. Potted peonies and bachelor’s buttons add an old-time feel to your porch or patio.


For a contemporary garden design, you can choose just about any combination of florals and shrubs to organize a garden that is eye-appealing with wonderful scents. Rose bushes, box hedges with borders of yucca and Hosta foliage help to place your outdoor lawn area firmly in the twenty-first century, although roses are timeless. Sedum and the Swiss Cheese plant are more options to line your flower beds or accent your front porch or back yard. A bird bath and butterfly bushes add decorous touches.


For roof-top gardens, shared apartment or condo spaces, or sunroom plants, you have a choice of numerous plants that prefer sun or shade in soil or in pots. Outside, you can add a paved walkway by hiring concrete services to do the heavy work. Steel, stone, and glass elements contribute to an ultra-modern, urban tone that will align perfectly with your home decorating style and interior design.

Gardens are a wonderful way to express creativity. Make the most of your gardening space to create a visionary focus for family and guests to enjoy.


Author Bio:  Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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