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5 Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

Dreaming of the perfect backyard to spare you from the extremities of summer can be a refreshing thought. With a well-kept yard, you can host outdoor parties, BBQs, and activities for your family and friends.

However, with a few remodeling and tweaks here and there, you can enjoy the benefits of an upgraded backyard this summer.

5 Things You Can Do to Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

1. Get a Swimming Pool

It’s hot, humid, and moods begin to flare up. Keep yourself and your family nice and fresh during the summer with a cozy outdoor pool. Not only is it ideal for the season, but its also a fun activity that can help alleviate stress. More so, swimming helps circulate blood better, relieves back pain, and aids in digestion, especially after gobbling down several burgers.

An inflatable pool is a cost-effective alternative than building one. It also doesn’t take up much space, and it’s portable. You can easily store it away and reuse the next time you need to.

2. Work on Your Outdoor Kitchen & BBQ Setup

There’s nothing that brings people together than the taste of good food, so turn your backyard into a haven of delicacy. An outdoor kitchen is an excellent way of utilizing your yard during the summer. Besides, grilling is also a superb recreational past-time to spend with your friends and loved ones.

You can invest in a clay oven, charcoal or gas grills, or build a portable fire pit. However, if you already have the proper equipment, then chances are you didn’t have much of a BBQ last winter. Before you get the meat sizzling, you need to ensure your cooking setup is in working order.

Any previous equipment should be thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush to get rid of the gunk properly. Scrape up your hot plate for any debris, toss aside any rusted metal grills and replace any old grill tools you’ve had for years with a new set.

3. Upgrade Your Fencing

It’s summertime and your family is ready to have some quality backyard fun. But, privacy and discretion are of utmost importance. Keep pesky critters and neighbors drawn in by the smell of your roasted steak, out with a well set up fence. A quality fence can provide adequate security and spruce up your yard. Your fencing choices can range from vinyl, chain link, wood to aluminum. The decision will depend on your budget, with each option having its merits and demerits.

If you’re lost for choice, consider contacting a reliable fencing company to help you weigh your options and handle the installation process.

4. Create a Botanical Garden

What better way to boost your backyard aesthetics than a beautiful lavish garden. Though it can be tedious starting your very own botanical garden from scratch, we advocate for a more practical method.

Consider purchasing already grown saplings to add some color to your garden easily. Flowers, such as ferns, yarrow, marigold, cornflower, and a variety of palms such as pinto and Mexican fans are great for giving your yard a pop of beauty this summer.

If you’re the deserty type, agaves, cactus, buckhorn, and succulents can create an eco-friendly backyard oasis. With a few planks and nails from your local hardware, you can create a planter box to store your herbs or flowers if space is an issue. More so, investing in a botanical garden improves airflow, provides shade against the scouring sun and is an eye-pleaser to guests and those who gaze upon it. Utilize rocks and cobblestone to your advantage by creating a beautiful path that leads to your garden. You can even add a koi pond with lilies for extra effect.

5. Invest In Outdoor Lighting

Illuminate your backyard, keep your outdoor night parties going and save a few bucks with a good lighting source. During hot seasons, the sunlight intensity is increased significantly. By tapping into solar-powered resources like lamps and outdoor lights, you can effectively lower energy costs while keeping your activities well lit.

Blend the lamps with your outdoor decor to easily upgrade the aesthetics of your backyard to something more magical. You can hang these lights onto your tree, along your fence or walkway to give visitors a welcoming guide to better illuminate their path.

With a variety of options to choose from, upgrading your backyard can be a seemingly smooth task. Our five tips ensure you enjoy your outdoor space to the maximum potential this summer.


Author Bio:   Amy Sloane is an alum from Oregon State University and spends her free time as a freelance writer and social media enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly


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