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How to Keep Your Landscape Green in a Dry Summer

Are you having trouble keeping your landscape green during a particularly dry summer? Fear not because there are quite a few things you can do to give yourself a lush, green lawn. These handy tips can help you keep your property healthy during even the hottest, driest summer season.

How to Keep Your Landscape Green in a Dry Summer (1)

Know When and When Not to Water

One of the most important details for keeping your lawn healthy and green is to know when and when not to water. It’s always best to water your property in the morning. Doing so will allow your soil to absorb all of the water in an efficient fashion.

So why can’t you wait until later to water your lawn? The main reason is that the sun will evaporate the water. You want to give your grass ample time to go through the natural photosynthesis process without any delays or interventions from the sun.

Likewise, if you water at night, photosynthesis will not be possible. You also don’t want to water your lawn late at night for the simple reason that it will just lay there, creating excess dampness and giving mold and bacteria a chance to grow.

Morning is a time when cool air and winds will give the soil on your property plenty of time to soak up the water. This will be the best way to keep your lawn safely hydrated through the course of the day.

Train Your Lawn to Develop a Deep Root System

One of the best things you can do to guarantee a strong and healthy lawn is to help it to develop a deep root system. It’s crucial not to water your lawn with too much frequency. Teaching your lawn to conserve water and develop deeper roots is the key to helping ensure its long term survival.

You can do this by giving your lawn a loan soaking two to three times per week. This is much better for its health because it trains your lawn to put down deeper roots. The idea is to motivate it to search for water at a much deeper level. This will give it the strength it needs to function at a higher level of green vitality.

Make Sure to Use an Efficient Sprinkler System

If you are going to make use of an automated sprinkler system, make sure that the one you buy is fully efficient. You want to be able to water your lawn efficiently without creating runoff or drenching your garden path or driveway. Water waste is one of the biggest reasons why lawns tend to dry up and die during the hot summer months.

An oscillating sprinkler placed in the right position in your lawn will be the best way to avoid creating runoff or drenching unnecessary areas. Monitor the position of your sprinkler on a regular basis and make adjustments if they are called for.

Hire an Expert Landscaping Service

One of the very best things you can do to keep your lawn green this summer is to hire an expert landscaping service. This is a well-recommended move. Just make sure you do your homework. For example, if you live in Charlottesville, Virginia, you might do a Google search for “landscaping services Charlottesville VA.” Based on those results, you will want to find someone who has good reviews, competitive prices, and can ultimately meet all your needs in a timely manner.

Summer Lawn Care is an Ongoing Process

Keep in mind that keeping your lawn green during the hot dry summer months will be an ongoing process. These are only a few of the many things that you can do to keep your lawn lush, healthy, and green. A regimen of constant and careful vigilance will be the key to keeping your property in the best possible shape.

Author Bio:  Amy Sloane is an alum from Oregon State University and spends her free time as a freelance writer and social media enthusiast. Amy loves reading, cooking, and spending time with her dog, Molly

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