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5 Unique Pieces of Equipment for Any Backyard Garden Project

A good garden project starts with having the right equipment. It’s similar to planning any other remodeling project because you need to know about the best materials, costs, and contractors. Here are 5 unique pieces of equipment to consider using for your next garden project.


Pruning Saw

A pruning saw is a large, curved saw that prunes tree branches and roots. Some people use garden shears to remove different parts of plants. Saws are recommended for use on trees that have much bigger, thicker branches and roots to cut off.

Twist Tiller

A twist tiller is used to dig into the soil and prepare it for planting. It is built like a shovel but with a few, twisted metal spikes, which makes it easier to penetrate the ground. The twist tiller is suitable if you want to till small sections of a garden. To cultivate larger sections, an automated tiller may be needed.


A lawn spreader is used to spread any substance onto your garden. Some gardeners use it to spread fertilizer while others use it to spread seeds. It makes planting easier so you won’t have to walk over the soil and drop the seeds by hand. The spinning disk and the hopper automatically throw the seeds onto the soil.

Like all gardening equipment, there are different types of spreaders. The hand-pushed type is designed for small gardens that have limited space to cover. The ATV tow spreader is attached in front of an ATV that is driven over a large area. A tractor-operated spreader is attached to a tractor and designed for farmlands.

Spreading Concrete

While this might not seem immediately relevant to your garden, you will need to lay out walkways and paths. Even if you want your garden to remain relatively un-curated, a walkway or outdoor area can help you plan your yard. Look into a concrete delivery system and see what’s right for you.


An aerator is a device that brings air or other gaseous substances into the soil or water. A lawn aerator is used to reduce compaction in the soil and increase water drainage. The two main types are spike aerators that drive spikes into the soil and core aerators that pull out chunks of soil. This device is ideal to use on soil that is often dry and clumpy or compacted.

When buying tools for your garden, it helps to be creative. Buying the most expensive equipment is not always necessary or effective. Even for large projects, you may need only a few tools. Research tools that are not commonly used but have many unique benefits. Learn how to improvise and be innovative when you look for equipment to improve your garden.


Author Bio:  Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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