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How to Tell if a Tree is Sick or Dying

When you have trees on your commercial or residential property, you must understand if the trees are in the best condition. You should learn more about the most common diseases that occur to particular types of trees, helping you to find a treatment for the tree or understanding if it is unsalvageable. Here are some of the signs of tree problems and how you can cope with the different tree diseases.


Anthracnose is the most common variety of tree disease, leading to spots on the leaves of a tree. The spots begin as brown discolorations but will darken to a black color in a few weeks. This tree disease is caused by fungi, and it primarily affects maple, ash and oak trees. It is essential to care for a tree correctly by improving the air circulation around the tree and the surrounding soil.

Powdery Mildew

If a tree has a powdery mildew infection, then its leaves will have a fuzzy white appearance. The tree’s leaves will wilt and die, leading to a tree that has bare branches. The buds of the tree won’t open, so the tree won’t have additional new leaves or fruits and flowers. You can eliminate the powdery mildew infection of the trees with a thorough washing with special chemicals.

Apple Scab

When you have an apple orchard, a regular inspection of the trees by an arborist is essential. This expert will look for apple scab that infests the fruits, buds or leaves of the trees in an orchard. This fungal infection is curable when you water the apple trees at the proper time of the day so that the moisture dries naturally. It is vital to remove any infested leaves, buds or fruits to prevent additional infection of the other trees in your apple orchard.

Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is another fungal disease that only affects oak trees. This condition leads to the discoloration of the oak tree’s leaves along with having wilted leaves. The leaves of the oak tree will fall off, causing the death of the tree. You can buy a specialized fungicide to treat the diseased oak tree in addition to the nearby trees.

Learning How to Identify Tree Diseases

You can learn how to identify tree diseases by buying books with photographs of healthy and sick trees. There are also websites that have information and images of the types of problems that can occur with your property’s beautiful trees.

Many people buy a property because the backyard is gorgeous. However, there are many people who forget that plants are living beings. They can get sick, die, and need help to thrive. If you love an aged tree or want to continue to have the lush greenery outside of your windows then you should make sure that your backyard is taken care of. Leaving it to fend for itself won’t lead to a thriving yard.


Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.


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