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4 Must-haves for A Gorgeous Greener Garden

When you love gardening, you will want to have a lush and green garden with productive vegetable plants, tasty herbs and beautiful flowers, so you should have or must do these things.


Find Heirloom Seeds at Local or Online Stores

Look for sources of heirloom seeds at online sites that collect these from other gardeners. It is possible to buy heirloom seeds, or alternatively, you can trade for the items. Heirloom seeds lead to sturdy and unique plants with large colorful blooms, beautiful green leaves and tasty produce. There are wonderful ways to use heirloom seeds in an organic or traditional garden. One of the best benefits from using heirloom seeds is that you will have a garden that doesn’t look like your neighbor’s garden.

Use Local Native Plants

Rather than struggling to grow exotic plants that didn’t originate in your region, look for native plants that will thrive. Consider your area’s weather conditions, growing season, type of soil and natural pests to have a garden with lush and green foliage or large and gorgeous blooms. To learn more about the native plants in your region, talk to a master gardener in your area. Visit a gardening store that specializes in selling local native seedlings.

Create Your Own Organic Fertilizer

When you learn how to compost using your own garbage, you don’t need to spend money on bags of fertilizer that may contain man-made chemicals that are dangerous. You might think that composting is a difficult chore, but when you know what you are doing, it is easy. To make the process easier, you must have the proper composting bin and tumbler system to create new rich soil that is natural. Make sure to understand when you should stir the items in a composting pile and what types of items are acceptable for composting.

Purchase Garden Robots

When you don’t have the time to pull weeds and you don’t want to use dangerous chemicals to destroy weeds, look for an automated garden robot. These devices work with batteries or will have charging stations, and the garden robot can sense the difference between the weeds and the plants. This can help you to grow a bountiful garden without spending several hours outside pulling weeds. Having a gardening robot is like having a human helper who you don’t need to pay.

Schedule Your Gardening Time

Find time each day to work in your garden to make sure that there aren’t any weeds and that pests aren’t destroying the plants. Schedule your time when the sun isn’t too strong. Watering your garden with high sun will kill it and do the opposite. Make sure you get up early or do it when the sun comes down.


Author Bio:  Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.


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