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4 Types of Hardscaping to Add for Increased Curb Appeal

Hardscapes break up monotonous lawns and uniform concrete pads. The best hardscapes are long-lived and low maintenance. Not only do hardscapes provide aesthetic value, but they are practical landscapes as well. Here are four types of hardscaping that increase curb appeal.



Paving stones are far more eye-catching than uniform, concrete driveways. When laid in patterns, flagstone, granite or other stone materials create a sense of texture and depth. In addition, pavers can last for up to one hundred years. The trick to a long-lasting flagstone path, driveway or patio is preparation. Before placing landscape fabric, buy or rent a harrow rake to level out the surface. Place the landscape fabric and then pour sand over the area. Sand keeps weeds to a minimum and also gives the pavers an impressionable base. Use a walk-behind compactor rental tool to control the degree of compaction. Once the underlying surface is leveled and compact, stones are seated securely and are less likely to heave during frost and thaw cycles.


Crushed Stone

Crushed stone is a landscape feature that keeps down weeds, provides water absorption and offers future homeowners a low-maintenance landscape. Pea gravel or crushed limestone work well in dry summer weather because they keep down dust. Crushed stone has greater life expectancy than organic mulches while limestone helps provide some nutrients to soil and surrounding plant life.


Boulders and Water Features

Boulders or other ornamental rock formations are intriguing hardscape materials. Not only can they disguise hard-to-grow areas of lawn but they can also create a dramatic focal point. Water features are bit more high-maintenance, but they act as natural calming elements for homes in urban areas.



Introducing planters to your front yard or patio area can be a bit intimidating. You want to choose a relatively neutral style but still add a bit of personality. Minimalist-styled poured concrete planters are a classic solution. Plant high-arched fronds or billowing blooms to let future homeowners get a sense of the planters’ potential without having to commit to a style.


Not all hardscape redesigns have to be expensive. They also don’t have to be generic. If you know that potential buyers in your region appreciate Little Free Libraries, birdhouses or whimsical walkways, then you might consider those customizations. It’s important to remember that even simple hardscape elements can make a big impact on potential buyers.


Author Bio:  Emma Sturgis is a freelance writer currently living in Boston, MA. She writes most often on education and business. To see more from Emma, say hi on Twitter @EmmaSturgis2

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