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Introducing a Big Change to the Ultimate Plant Cage

From time to time we field an unhappy email from a customer who has received four poles with their Ultimate Plant Cage. They think we might have forgotten to include extra poles and may even feel mislead, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why We Shipped The Ultimate Plant Cage With Four Poles

The reason why we’ve always shipped our Ultimate Plant Cages with only four poles is simple: it made our product less expensive for the end user. Including only four poles allowed us to lower the cost of the Ultimate Plant Cage to those customers who don’t want 6 (or more) poles. And, we reasoned, those who want more poles can simply purchase the four pole accessory kit. We sold a bunch of these units out to a distributor in early 2010 during Global Garden Friends’ infancy as a company and, frankly, we were unsure of the decision.

The New Six Pole Ultimate Plant Cage

Since that time we have decided to sell a full set of six (6) poles with each unit, no matter what. This is because we have been able to lower our costs on the Ultimate Plant Cage, which has also made it more feasible for the gardener on a budget. So if you’ve come here looking for more poles, you’re in luck! Click here and you can have the full and complete Ultimate Plant Cage you’ve been searching for.

We apologize for any hassles or confusion this may have caused. It was a decision made by a young company that has since learned from it. We look forward to serving you in the future and hope to hear from you soon.

P.S. — If you ordered before our new six-pole units began shipping, you can click here to order a four pole accessory kit.

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